Gratitude game; walk in the woods; play tryouts.

September 19, 2023

I woke up feeling fully rested. I made tea and a banana, pineapple juice, strawberry smoothie and packed it to take to work. Then I went to the banana hut and wrote my blog until it was time to leave. Angel went to work with me. She talked and talked on the drive to work. When I arrived at work, I got Angel started on her school work, talked with my client and cleaned her house. I listened to “Power” by Rhonda Byrne while I worked. I’m thoroughly enjoying her books lately. 

At my next job Angel had finished her homework, then she watched “Curious George” on TV (which is a big privilege since we don’t have TV) until her adopted grandma Peggy picked her up to have her overnight. I joked with my client off and on. He laughs easily and is a great fun to talk with. I finished cleaning his house then drove around the block to my next client. At her house we talked while I cleaned. I felt grateful to have such wonderful clients to work for. 

While I was getting ready to go to my last job, I was texting with one of my adult children and it came to my attention that I had accidentally thrown away some important paper work of theirs when I was cleaning out the RV on Sunday. That had not been my intention and I apologized. They were very upset, I assured them it could all be replaced but it didn’t seem to ease their distress. I sent out a prayer for them to experience comfort and peace. 

At my last job of the day, I had the house to myself, I listened to my audiobook and played the gratitude game (being grateful for everything I see and thinking about why I’m grateful for each thing). When I finished work I headed home. Little Bit was super excited to see me. It was such a beautiful evening that I decided to do a meditation walk in the woods with the dogs. I was delighted to find a stream of water running through the gulley. The dogs and I played in the water for awhile, then walked out to the wood shack where Christopher was hanging out with his friend Charlie. On the way I found my flag that fell off my side by side when I was adventuring in the woods a couple of weeks ago. At the wood shack, I talked with Christopher and Charlie for a while. Their friend JW showed up and we had fun bantering back and forth making jokes. 

When I arrived back home. I showered, put on a dress and drove back to town with Little Bit. I went to an open house at the MARC center. There was a lot of people I know there and I had some great talks with some of them. Next I went to try out for a play. I was sure I would get a part since there was not very many people trying out, plus I thought my acting skills were pretty good. I enjoyed some great conversations before and after tryouts. I was feeling grateful to be connected with so many wonderful people. 

On the drive home, I listened to music. A song by Soha called Mil Pasos is my favorite right now. I listened to it over and over and had the windows down….I felt alive and free. When I arrived home, I made tea and went to bed. I read and finished “The Alchemist” then went to sleep. 

I am grateful to experience another wonderful day. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog. I dearly appreciate you. 



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