Enjoying Contrast

September 17, 2023

Yesterday I woke up feeling good. I had slept well, it’s was my 2nd night of staying with my friend Sarah at her boyfriends cabin. I would be heading home later today. I was grateful the depression I had been experiencing had shifted back into love. I was grateful for the contrast. I appreciated feeling joy all the more after wallowing through a few weeks of feeling sadness. I got up and let Little Bit (Bits) out to go potty. I started heating water for tea and used the bathroom myself. I appreciated how satisfying it was to have good rich deep elimination (poop) and mine has greatly improved since eating a raw food diet again. A raw food diet works well for me and I enjoy how good my body feels eating that way. 

While the water was warming up for tea. Bits and I went for a morning walk. It was a lovely cool damp foggy morning. Having a break from the heat was heavenly. I found a few rocks that I loaded in the back of the pickup to take home. Then we went off trail and followed a small animal trail into the cedars. We wandered around among the cedars looking at plants and enjoying the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of nature. Bits got all worked up about a piece of styrofoam laying on the ground. He growled at it, then sniffed it and jumped back. He knew it was different than the rest of the woods. 

When we arrived back at the cabin, Sarah was on the deck doing yoga. It was a wonderful sight seeing her smile at me as I walked up. We said good morning. She continued her yoga while I poured myself some tea and sat on the front porch writing some of my blog and playing fetch with Bits. Sarah finished her yoga and joined me on the front porch. We talked and wrote and read and drank tea for the rest of the morning. After awhile we sat out by the campfire and attempted to get it started again. I made us frozen banana, pineapple juice, cacao milkshakes which were delicious. We drank those while messing with the fire that wasn’t happening. Then dark rain clouds moved in and we quickly moved inside. 

We sat inside and talked and read. I’m reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Sarah let me borrow it and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Sarah made raw stuffed peppers for lunch. They were delicious and filling. I could only eat part of it and saved the rest for later. When we finished eating I packed up to go home. The drive home was refreshing. The cool air felt so good. I kept the windows down and held Bits up so he could see out. He thought that was great fun. On the way home I stopped to do a pet sitting job checking on a couple of goats and feeding 2 farm dogs. It was a new job and all went well. I enjoyed talking to the animals and giving them some good pets. 

When I arrived home, it was good to see Christopher and Angel. Christopher was glad I was feeling better. Bits was happy to play with his best friend Jake. Jake is Christopher’s dog. I sat and watched Angel and the goats while talking to my son and grandson who live in Utah on the phone. Then I took a bath in our amazing outdoor bathtub and had leftover stuffed pepper and salad for supper. After cleaning up supper we all sat in the Banana Hut and I read a couple chapters out of “Summer of Light” by W. Dale Cramer. We’ve been reading through it as a family. It’s a great read. 

Angel slept with me in the Banana Hut on the trundle bed. She listened to Peter Pan on audio and I read “The Alchemist” until I was tired enough to fall asleep. 

I’m grateful for another day of life. 

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you. 

Love, Victoria 

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