Friends, Clarity, Renewing Our Love and a Murder Mystery Dinner

November 11, 2023

The sound of Chance pacing woke me up at 6:30 am. The Little Bit and Chance were excited to be let out as I opened the door. The air outside felt chilly and refreshing, with the smell of rain. I felt rested and ready for another day. Fully relaxing my body from head to toe, I stretched out on the bed. I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes while staying fully relaxed for a few minutes. 

Christopher was already up and making breakfast when I went in the kitchen to make tea. I was looking forward to a fun and adventurous day. Since I knew the rest of the day would be busy, I took the dogs on a morning walk in the woods. I am walking in the woods everyday for the month of November. When I arrived back from our walk, Christopher and I had a disagreement that we left unresolved when it was time for me to leave. 

It was a beautiful overcast day and I was grateful we were receiving rain. While enjoying the scenery on the drive to town, I prayed for clarity on resolving the disagreement I had with Christopher. My first gift of clarity arrived instantly. I realized that I was angry about witnessing that horrible accident a few weeks ago and I was directing that anger at Christopher. I was angry that I witnessed it, I was angry that man died the way he did, I was angry that I had not been able to help him, I was angry that I now had fear of driving at night. Gaining that clarity immediately softened my heart towards Christopher as I saw how I had been unkind to him unwarranted. 

By the time I had pulled up to the office building I was cleaning that morning, I was focusing on how grateful I was to have Christopher and all of my support system. I was enjoying cleaning and in the zone, when my phone rang. It was my mother. I answered and we had one of the best conversations we’ve ever had. It was about living by the fruits of the Spirit and asking God to give us guidance on how to do that. When I got off the phone, my heart felt lighter and I was grateful for the gift of having that conversation with my mother. 

After a job well done cleaning, I walked to the farmers market with the dogs Little Bit and Chance whom I had brought with me. Then I put the dogs back in the truck and walked across the street to Moon River to get a chai tea. It was good seeing my friends that work there and I really appreciate how encouraging we are towards each other. It is a blessing to have a place of refuge in town. 

I decided my muddy truck needed to be washed before I headed off on my next adventure. I love going through the car wash, it feels so luxurious. With a clean truck I headed to Elgin to meet my friend Nancy, we had plans to hang out for the afternoon. It had been a really long time since we’ve seen each other. The drive there was heavenly. The beautiful green rolling hills were lovely. I found myself so caught up in the beauty all around me that I was filled with the Spirit and rejoiced in how amazing each moment is when we are fully present. 

I met Nancy at a coffee shop in downtown Elgin. On line it said they served fresh juice there but they didn’t, so we each got tea. It was fantastic to see Nancy, we hugged for a long time and briefly got caught up on each others lives. We left the coffee shop to go spend time at a friend of Nancy’s that lives nearby. On the way we stopped at a park to let Little Bit and Chance out to go for a walk. 

I followed Nancy to her friends place. The road was winding and bouncy and I got to see scenery I hadn’t seen before. We toured outside shortly after arriving. They had ducks, chickens and quail, as well as cats. The cool drizzly weather was pleasant and we stood outside talking for a while before going inside to talk some more. We had an amazing conversation about living consciously, especially using conscious language. We tend to get in the habit of focusing on what we don’t want and it is life enhancing in many ways when we choose to focus on what we do want and when we ask for what we do want. Through our conversation I gained even more clarity on a resolution with Christopher. I knew what I needed to do and I was enthusiastic about going home to share with Christopher the clarity I had received. 

When it was time to go, I thanked Nancy’s friend for having me over and said thank you to Nancy for taking the time to get together. We have a future trip planned together at the beginning of April and I am looking forward to it. Nancy is a light and I love basking in her glow when we spend time together. I listened to The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” on audio on the drive home and soaked in the scenery. Texas is so beautiful this time of year. I arrived home and talked to Christopher right away. I apologized for my unkindness and shared with him the anger I was feeling about the tragedy I witnessed. He cried and held me and said he knew I had been dealing with a lot. I thanked him for being a safe person for me to express my anger towards. We hugged for a long time and our love was renewed. 

I had started a bath and got in with Angel. We talked and she told me about her day. She stayed in after I got out to get ready to go to a murder mystery dinner. I was supposed to dress in a costume but I didn’t have one so I made something up but I really just looked like I normally do. I drove to a friends place in town and she helped me with my make up, which made me look like I was in costume a little more. The most important thing though, I had great fun hanging out with her and she did a fabulous job on my make up. 

I’d never been to a murder mystery dinner before so I didn’t have an expectations, I planned to go with the flow. I arrived at the dining car at the train depot a few minutes early and was seated at a table with 3 other people. There were 6 tables set up with 4 people seated at each table. We each read out loud a description of our character then the game started. We were served dinner (they made a Greek salad separately for me which was so very thoughtful of them). While we ate we read our scripts when asked and we improvised here and there acting out our characters. I watched people and I listened in on conversations. It was through sitting and observing that I knew exactly who the murderer was. When the dinner was over we filed out one by one, on the way out a lady asked each of our names and who we thought was the murderer, then she wrote it down. After everyone had made their guess, the murdered was revealed. The announcer said that no one has guessed correctly so the murderer was the winner. I was confused for a second because the person identified as the murder was who I had guessed. I stepped forward and said that I had guessed her as the murderer and it was written down under my name. They looked again and yes…they had missed seeing my entry. I had guessed the murderer correctly. I won! I was surprised that it was only me who guessed correctly. I want to do another one now and try out my master detective skills again. 😂

I arrived home around 8:45 pm with the basket of goodies that I had won. Christopher and Angel were in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I told them about winning the murder mystery dinner and how much fun it was. I got ready for bed. We all said good night and I went straight to sleep. It had been a wonderful fun filled day. 

I am grateful for connection. 

I am grateful for Christopher. 

I am grateful for clarity. 

I am grateful for anger. 

I am grateful for my mom. 

I am grateful for wonderful friends. 

I am grateful for murder mystery dinners. 

I am grateful for God. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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