Words of Wisdom, Walk in the Woods, Scary Stories

October 31, 2023

I woke up at 6 am. I had slept through the night. I spent a few minutes praying my thank you’s and saying my gratitudes. Angel had stayed the night at her sisters so it was quick to get ready for work. 

My first job went great. I listened to “The Secrets of the Mystic East” by Anthony Norvell on audio while I cleaned. I had some free time before my 2nd job. I went to the store and bought much needed supplies for the Episcopal church. I took them to the church and put them away. I realized that I didn’t get toilet paper. I would go back later and get it. 

I went to The Shoppes at Moon River and got a chai tea. Then I went to my 2nd job. I listened to my audio book while I cleaned. I received a text from Gay, the lady that teaches the Wednesday night Bible study at the Cowboy Church. She was checking to see how I was doing. I had sent her a message last week asking for prayer for the family of the man who died in the accident I witnessed and also prayers for me to come to a place of peace around the accident. She had sent a beautiful response that brought on an awakening within me. This was her message (I received permission from her to share it with y’all). 

From Gay:

“Oh no! Bless your heart ❤️ 

I will pray that God will comfort you and strengthen you in His love. 

I’m also praying that God would fill your ears with the sounds of heaven instead of the sounds of earth. 

When your mind wanders to the accident forcefully make yourself think about the good things of God. Only good spiritual things will be strong enough to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings. 

I love you and I’m sending you a big hug 🤗 ❤️ “

That message was a message from the Holy Spirit and brought me clarity. Ever since then I have been at peace with the accident. Yes, horrible things happen on earth but I choose for my focus to be on the spirit of good (God). 

At my 3rd job, I talked with my client and got her house all cleaned up. 

After work, I went back to the store and bought toilet paper for the Episcopal church and dropped it off. Then I headed home. No one was there, Christopher was in the woods with his friends and Angel was still with her sister. I basked in having the place to myself. I went on a long walk in the woods with the dogs and enjoyed seeing so much beauty that nature had to share. I saw a lot of wild hog tracks but not many other tracks. Back at home, I took a long hot bath and wrote my blog. 

Around 6:30 pm, I headed back to town to watch a live theater presentation of scary stories at the Kay Theater. I enjoyed it very much and had fun talking with friends and acquaintances while I was there. I had drank a tiny bit of a margarita that was being handed out. Five minutes later I got an intense case of heartburn and thought I was going to throw up. I went in the bathroom and after about 10 minutes the heartburn passed and I felt great again. It was a good reminder of why I avoid drinking alcohol. It isn’t nice to me.

My daughter in love brought Angel to me when it was almost finished. She had had a great time trick or treating and told me about it on the drive home. At home, Angel took a shower and we went straight to bed. We fell asleep around 9:30 pm listening to “Hank the Cow Dog” on audio. 

I am grateful for wisdom. 

I am grateful for great work. 

I am grateful for walks in the woods. 

I am grateful for peace of mind. 

I am grateful for Halloween fun. 

I am grateful for the spirit of God. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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