Farmers Market, 2 Pennies, Kindness to Strays and Driving At Night

October 28, 2023

I woke up at 8 a.m. That was really late for me but I felt fully rested. Angel had been awake and was fed by Christopher before he left to go to work. I got up, focused on what I was grateful for, cleaned the banana hut and made tea. Then we left to pick up a friend and go to the farmers market. We brought Chance and Little Bit along with us. I picked up my friend from across the highway and we headed to town. 

I found some great produce and homemade Christmas presents at the farmers market. I saw Angel buying something from a vendor. (I had given her some money to spend when we arrived). I went to see how things were going. She was digging through her quarters. I asked her what she was buying. She showed me and said it was a Christmas present for her sister. I asked her how much it cost. She said, “$2 but she told them she didn’t have $2, she had 2 pennies and they said she could pay them the 2 pennies”. I looked at my friends who were selling the item to her and they shrugged and laughed. I watched Angel digging through her quarters and said, “why don’t you pay them 2 quarters instead of 2 pennies since quarter are worth more”. Angel responded with, “I can’t do that, I’m saving my quarters” and she dug out 2 pennies from her quarters and paid them. My friends were laughing. I just shook my head. 

We left the farmers market and went across the street to Moon River. I ordered a chai tea, my friend ordered an espresso (I think) and Angel ordered hot water with honey. We browsed the shop and played some games while we waited. Then we grabbed lunch and went through the car wash. I stopped at the auto parts store and bought a fire extinguisher, windshield breaker and seatbelt cutter to keep in the car then we headed home, taking my friend home on the way. 

At home, I sat outside in the sun and talked to Christopher for a while. Then Angel and I went for a ride on the side by side with Little Bit. We rode down the county road and briefly visited with a neighbor who was outside. We drove further down the road and checked to see if the spring down the road was flowing and it was, barely but at least it was flowing. It’s been so nice having rain lately. We drove down another county road for a ways before turning around and heading home. On the way home we stopped at swim tank. I watched Angel swim and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We have a cold front coming Monday so this might be her last swim before it stays too cold. It’s Texas though, we could still get some warm days before winter. 

When we arrived back home, I took a relaxing bath that Christopher had ready for me. Then I got dressed and drove to play practice. On the way I dropped off the water bill in the water departments drop box. There was a young woman in a big white pickup feeding a couple of puppies in front of the building. I stopped and asked her if the puppies were strays. She said they were and she had been feeding them but they were scared to let her approach them. My eyes teared up from her kindness and I thanked her for having the heart to help them. 

I picked up a fellow actor on the way to the play and we had a good talk on the drive. The play went good. I only missed one unimportant line, otherwise it went perfectly. When the play was over I drove home. It was my first time driving at night on the highway where the accident I witnessed had occurred. It was also exactly one week since the accident and it was the same time of night. Before I left, I sent out a prayer of gratitude for a safe journey home for me and everyone on the road. The drive went fine. I was grateful for the bright moon that made it easier to see at a distance. I was also grateful this was the last time in a long time that I would have to drive this stretch of highway at night. Next Saturday night our play would be in Rockdale instead of Cameron, then it would be over. 

When I arrived home. I got ready for bed and wrote my blog. Angel was on the trundle bed next to me making me a present. She gave me my present right before she went to sleep and it was so sweet. (I’ll post a picture below). I turned off the light and went to sleep at around 10:30 pm. 

I am grateful for safe drives. 

I am grateful for farmers markets. 

I am grateful for friends. 

I am grateful for baths. 

I am grateful for kindness. 

I am grateful for gifts. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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