A Kinder Choice

September 29, 2033

I woke up at 6:30a.m. It felt great to sleep in. I laid there a while petting Bits. Then I got up to do my morning routine, except I didn’t make my usual smoothie, I ate a big mango later in the morning instead. Angel and Finn got up and ate breakfast. Then I did school with them for a couple of hours, while Christopher went and cleaned Peace Lutheran Church. After doing school, I went to the banana hut and I felt kind of lost not having anything to do after my 4 day marathon of go, go, go. I decided to pick grass burrs and did that until Christopher got home. 

Christopher and I spent the afternoon looking at the new/used pop up camper. We set it up and put it together as if we were camping in it. We made an inventory of what needed fixed but there wasn’t much. It was in really good shape and should be road ready within a couple of weeks. The kids wanted me to take them to “swim tank” in the side by side. I took them there the long adventurous way around through the woods. They played in the water and I wrote my blog while I watched them. Then I got in and swam around with my dog Bits and Christopher’s dog Jake on the paddle board. They love that. 

My phone rang a couple of times in a row, so I got out thinking it might be something important. It was Angel’s adopted grandma Peggy. I called her back, she wanted to set up a time to pick up Angel on Monday and bring her back on Tuesday. We set it up, then I rounded up the kids and dogs to go back home. We arrived and Finn’s other grandma came and picked him up. Angel took a bath and I started organizing our spices and fruit storage shelves. It was a fun project and looked great when I finished. I a big mango and a handful of dates, then took a bath. I did a full body relaxation session while in the bath, it was refreshing. 

We ate supper and shared what we were grateful for that day. I ate a big salad with lemon tahini dressing and read out loud the rest of the 2nd book in The Magic Treehouse Series. Christopher took a shower and Angel went to feed the goats. I made tea and wrote my blog until Christopher came in for our evening family story time. He was saying that Angel feed the goats when he had already done it and now they wouldn’t have enough food to last the weekend. I did not understand why he was having an issue. I became defensive of Angel. There are plenty of ways to get goat feed before Monday if we run out. Angel was doing her best and I was proud of her. Angel came in and she cuddled close to me, still feeling the sting of being corrected by Christopher. I picked up the book we’ve been reading as a family “Summer of Light” by W. Dale Cramer and I couldn’t read. A feeling of anger washed over me and then it instantly changed to a feeling of sadness. I saw I was in judgement of Christopher. He was also doing his best. In that moment, I heard myself reprimand Angel for chewing her fingernails. I knew instantly I was seeing myself in Christopher, I was the guilty one. Immediately I was gifted a kinder choice. Simply love without judgement and be a kind listener. Thank you Holy Spirit for the clarity. 

I read a couple of chapters out of the book. They were funny chapters and we laughed a lot. Then we all talked about things in our lives we have going one. We said our good nights and went to bed. Angel slept on the trundle bed next to me and we listened to a bedtime meditation while we fell asleep. 

I am grateful to have experienced another wonderful day. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate y’all. 



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