Our Day

October 13, 2022

Dear diary and friends, 

I woke up at 5 AM. Did a morning relaxing meditation for 15 minutes and went into the kitchen and started juicing pineapples. I was happily singing and juicing away when all of a sudden pineapple juice was running all over the counter. I laughed to myself, oops, I wasn’t paying attention to the cup the juice was flowing into. I emptied the overflowing juice cup into a jar, cleaned the counter and finished juicing. This time I kept watch on the juice cup. 

I finished my morning chores and got Angel ready to go. We headed off to work with my electric bicycle and trailer. 

The 18 miles ride to town was blissful. On yesterday’s ride to town, I lost a wheel off the trailer. I found it by a fence and was delighted to see that only the pin had come loose. The wheel and tire were fine. I put the wheel back on, secured the pin and we were up and running. Today, though, was smooth sailing. 

We arrived at work. I cleaned while Angel watched dvd’s. When I finished, I drank some of my 64oz. fresh watermelon/pineapple juice smoothie. We rode to the library for our homeschool co-op. The kids learned about fossils and archaeology. Then we all met up at the park. I rode to Walmart to get more pineapples and apples. The kids had lunch and played. I drank the rest of my smoothie. 

We left the park and rode to my next job which is way out in the country. I was excited to ride some county roads that I hadn’t ridden yet. It took 45 minutes to get there but it was great fun. When we arrived I drank some of my 64oz. fresh pineapple juice/banana smoothie. I talked with my clients and cleaned while Angel played with the dogs and watched dvd’s. 

When I finished we rode home. It was a beautiful ride. It took an hour and 15minutes. Once at home, I charged my bicycle battery, finished my smoothie, took a shower and made a big salad with lemon tahini dressing to take to a master naturalist monthly meeting. While I was doing all of this in the 45 minutes I had available, my husband Christopher was frustrated because a package full of parts to fix the clutch on my car got delivered to the wrong address. He received a picture on his phone of the doorstep it was put on but we didn’t recognize the door. I felt he was over reacting and put up a wall of resistance to what I labeled as his negativity. Immediately I felt tension in my body and addressed it. I relaxed my body and asked the Holy Spirit for clarity. “Let Christopher be how he needs to be, love him and support him” was the response I received. So I opened my heart again and when Christopher came in the house again, we bounced around ideas of whose house it might be at. He decided to check at the neighbors. Since we live in the woods in the country our neighbors are a ways away. He asked how long before I had to leave. I said, “10 minutes”. He rode my electric bicycle to speed things up. 

At exactly 5pm, my mother in law texted me, “where are you?”. I was meeting her down the hill to ride to the master naturalist meeting with her. I walked over and told her I was waiting for Christopher to get back to be with Angel. She gave me her…I don’t like to be late…look. I walked back to the house. At 5:06pm Christopher got back. I ran down the hill to where my MIL was parked. She had turned around, as I got in the car she said, “I was about to leave you.” I said, “we will still be there on time.” She said, “I like to be early.” I laughed and said, “I know, it will be ok.”

We had fun conversations on the drive to master naturalists. The meeting was great. I ate salad and vegetable soup and was awarded my certification for the year. When I got home Christopher was already in bed. He said he found the missing packages at the neighbors. I smiled to myself, glad it all got worked out. I got into bed, did a short relaxation meditation and prayer session and fell asleep. 

It was a great day. 

I am grateful ❤️. 



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