Dear Diary and Friends, 

I woke up at 5am. I had a BM, fed the kitten and relaxed in bed. I fell asleep meditating and woke up close to 9am. I was surprised I slept that late. It was a beautiful sunny chilly blustery windy morning. I got up, went in the house and made my tea. Then juiced 64oz. of pineapple juice and 64oz. of pineapple, fresh picked dewberry and carrot juice. I put the juice in the fridge and kept out a quart for me to drink. Angel was having fun doing chores and moving her chore magnets that I picked up yesterday at a garage sale to the finished spot. I went outside and let the 4 new chickens out in the chicken yard with Roger the rooster. I started laundry and took a long relaxing bath in the outside bathtub. After my bath I got dressed and my friend Sarah arrived. 

Sarah, Angel, the baby kitten and I took my car to the local farmers market. It was really windy at the market but it was great fun as usual. Angel went around bargaining for things with her allowance money. I bought some kale, beets, tomatoes, potatoes and a crape myrtle. I introduced Sarah to some of my local friends that were there. 

I greeted her, then I let out the rest of the chickens into the chicken yard. I went inside the chicken yard to chase Roger out so that the old chickens and new chickens could mingle without him bullying them and bossing them around. First he attempted to attack me which ended up getting him stepped on since I didn’t see him come at my leg from behind and I was in mid step. Next thing I knew I was stepping on Roger. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt and after a few failed attempts to get him out of the chicken yard, I decided to let him stay and see how things go. We watched the chicken show for a few minutes and all seemed well between the new and old chickens. 

Next we went to the grocery store and I ran into the lady Robbie who I’m getting a puppy from in a few weeks when the puppy is 8 weeks old. I asked how Sweetie was doing and got a not so good report. Robbie said that Sweetie isn’t developing as fast as her brother and they are not sure if something is wrong with her or if she is simply developing slower. They will keep an eye on her and on Monday they will check with their vet to see what she thinks. I knew if I was meant to have that puppy then it would all work out and if she didn’t make it, that was ok too. 

Next we went to Harold’s mercantile in Gause and had organic vegan soup and talked with Jennifer the owner and other people who came in. I love that place out in the middle of nowhere that has amazing healthy food. 

We came back to my place, I did a few chores and we all hung out. Sarah did a tarot reading for me and it was really good. Christopher made a wonderful supper of beans, rice, salad and smoothie. We had a wonderful supper and all shared our gratitudes. I ate salad, smoothie and a tiny bit of rice. 

After supper I did a coaching session for Sarah and as always I got a lot out of it myself. Then I took a bath and got ready for bed. 

It was a beautiful day and I’m grateful for it. 



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