Happy Boating at Stillhouse Hollow Lake

I woke up at 12am. I went to the banana hut. I listened to the night sounds and wrote my blog.

Aside: I love the night sounds. When I go to the banana hut at night, I open the windows and sit listening to the night sounds. The whippoorwills singing, the frogs croaking and of course the crickets. Right now a June bug is buzzing around the lamp light. I have a quiet, peaceful, easy life. The more often I practice being and listening, life becomes easier and easier. When I am being and listening, I am free from thought forms. When I am being and listening, I am at ease and life is easier. 

I woke again at 5am. I got up and started my bath. I went in the house and told Christopher good morning. I blended up a half of watermelon. It made about 100oz. Then I blended up a pineapple with fresh OJ, 64oz. I packed the smoothies in a cooler, along with a pack of almond dates and 64oz. lemon water. Then I took my bath. I stretched and breathed during the bath. After my bath I dressed in my swimsuit and packed the car and drove to Marcus and Renaté’s with Christopher to go boating at Stillhouse Hollow lake. (Angel is spending the weekend with her godparents).

We followed Marcus and Renaté to Stillhouse Hollow lake. It was pouring rain on the drive. “Happy boating”, I joked to Christopher as the rain poured down. We knew it was supposed to clear up in an hour or so and the rest of the day was predicted to be really nice. We got to the lake and got the boat in the water. The water was beautiful and clear and we boated for hours. We played in a cove with a nice beach. I was following Christopher up a steep rock wall when I froze with fear. I couldn’t go up or down. While I sat and waited for it to pass, Marc and Renaté helped talk me down back to level ground. I swam and floated and played in the water like an otter. I drank all of my smoothies and ate all the almond dates throughout the day. We boated up the Lampasas River where I went off a rope swing. It was a fun day of sun and play. 

By the time we got back to the dock I was tired, sunburnt and had a small headache. I slept most of the way home, while Christopher drove. When we arrived home, I made myself a 32oz. frozen banana, coconut water and cinnamon smoothie and started a bath. I soaked in the bath for a while. When I got out. I sat and talked to Christopher awhile. Then ate some quinoa with 1/4 avocado and a fresh garden tomato. 
After supper we went in the banana hut and watched “My Love” on Netflix. It’s such a great show. I kept falling asleep during the show. When it was over we went in the house. I went straight to bed and fell asleep at 8pm. 

It was another wonderful day. I am grateful. 

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 

Love and play,

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