The Missing $50

I woke up at 12am. I went to the banana hut and wrote my blog. I fell back asleep around 2pm. I woke up again at 6:30am. I started a bath, then I went in the house to tell Christopher good morning. He told me his work was canceled because of the rain and we talked for a bit while I drank 32oz. of fresh squeezed OJ. Then I went outside to get in the bath and saw that I forgot to put the plug it and the water had been running out the whole time. I put in the plug and waited in the banana hut for it to fill up. Once it was full I took a long bath and did my morning stretches while in there. 

After my bath, I went in the house, got dressed and had Angel pack her bag to stay with her godparents for 3 days. We got in the car to leave to meet Angel’s godmother Peggy and it wouldn’t start, the battery was dead. I had noticed one of the doors hadn’t been shut tight and I bet that’s what got the battery. Christopher had already left to go to the store, so he couldn’t help out. So I started thinking about who I could call to give me a jump start when I suddenly realized that I was parked on a hill and I have a stick shift. So I put the Forester in neutral and coasted down driveway. As soon as I picked up a little bit of speed I popped it into to gear and it started right up. Yay! You go girl!  We drove to my friend Renaté’s and picked her up. 

We headed to town to meet Peggy. We got to town a little bit early, so we stopped at the thrift store. I found some cute things to put in my fairy garden. Then we went to meet Peggy in the Walmart parking lot. Peggy arrived the same time we did. We all went in the store to together to get a few things. When I went to pay I noticed that a $50 bill was missing from my wallet. I figured it must have fallen out when I paid for my stuff at the thrift store. We left the store and Angel headed off with Peggy. Renaté and I went back to the thrift store to see if anyone found that $50 and actually turned it in. As soon as I walked in the door the cashier said she was so glad I came back because she saw the $50 on the floor right after I left and didn’t know how to get it back to me. Yes! Welcome back $50! I love small towns. 
Next we drove to one of my clients house to pick up some storage containers that I bought from them to use in Angel’s room once we finish building it. We couldn’t quite fit it all in the Forester and we agreed I could get the rest next time I went yo work for them. I dropped Renaté off at her house and went home. Christopher wasn’t back from the store yet. I ate some almond dates and started prepping to can tomatoes. 

Christopher came home and we talked while I finished getting the tomatoes in the pressure cooker. It was pouring rain so we sat in the house and talked waiting for the rain to let up and for the canner to finish up. Once the rain let up I walked over to Christopher mom’s place, she had messaged me earlier to see if I would check on her chickens and feed them since she hadn’t been feeling well. I fed the chickens and gathered their eggs. When I got back home Christopher and I unloaded the storage containers out of the Forester and put them in the greenhouse temporarily. I was feeling tired and was getting ready to take a nap when I received a text from the library saying that the WiFi hotspot that I had been on a waiting list for was available. I immediately left to go to town again before the library closed. 

At the library I saw quite a few people I knew and had fun chatting with them. Then I went and got the propane bottle filled and picked up the last bit of the storage containers from my client. On the drive home I got to thinking about all the different ways I could use the storage containers since they all wouldn’t fit in Angel’s room. By the time  I arrived at home I had a plan. I started an evening bath. Then I brought some of the containers inside and started pulling things out and rearranging. I was excited to get some better organization going on in our tiny house, especially a corner that was a big clutter of things. 

I was having a great time cleaning and organizing while Christopher made himself supper and watched the show. Then Marcus and Renaté stopped by to talk about a boating trip we are all planning on going on tomorrow. I finished organizing while talking to them. I was really happy about how it all turned out. I sat and talked while eating some almond dates when I realized that my bath was still running. I went the outside bathroom and the bathtub had been overflowing for awhile, thankfully it’s an outside bathtub! I turned it off and went back to talk to Marcus and Renaté for a bit until they left. 

I got in the bath. It was a perfect temperature. I soaked and stretched. Christopher came out and took a shower. We talked while we bathed and showered. After the bath I had another idea of how to organize the kitchen. I brought in another storage shelf and got that organized while we waited for our tea water to boil. Our house looks so nice with our new shelves and drawers. We made up some chamomile tea and went out to the banana hut. We watched a beautiful show on Netflix (yay, for the hotspot WiFi!) called “My Love”.  After our show we came back in the house. I ate some almonds then went to bed. Christopher read to me from his book (my favorite thing) and I fell asleep around 9pm.

It was another wonderful day. I am grateful. 

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
Love and laughter,

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