Foraging Day 4: Dogwood Tree and a Big Refrigerator.

I was surprised at how many uses there are for Dogwood trees.
The root bark can be used to reduce fever, as a skin astringent, anti diarrheal, headaches and muscle inflammation.
The bark can be used to relieve headaches, backaches, sore throat, worms and measles.
The flowers can be infused to reduce fever and colic pain.
A Compound infusion from several plants is a good blood purifier and to treat malaria.
The are good at improving the soil and many wildlife animals eat the seeds and bark.
The wood is a hardwood and used to make tool handles and similar items.

I’m looking forward to harvesting some of the bark and flowers and experimenting with how to infuse them.

Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday. In the morning we all went to town together to get groceries. Then we went to my house in Cameron and brought the extra refrigerator out here to the tiny cabin in the woods. Today we will make space and put it in. Yay! No more mini fridge! I’ll be able to store lots of produce in the big fridge as well as make bulk batches of fresh squeezed oj. I’ve been making the juice daily as we use it which is fine and it’s beat fresh but it will be nice to take days off from juicing and have some stored up. Plus I’ll have a freezer again. Nice cream time!! Which is ice cream made with frozen bananas.
It’s an exciting day getting a full size fridge! Lol.
I am very grateful.
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.
With gratitude,

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