Crashing, Basking and Foraging Day 3

Dear Diary and Friends,

Yesterday morning I had an extra hour before leaving for work. I decided to use that time to take the 4 wheeler out into the woods and do some foraging. It took me a while to get the 4 wheeler started. It has a pull start and my arms are not quite strong enough to pull fast enough. I finally got it started and headed off into the woods with Angel. I’m feeling real confident driving and head down into the gulley. All was going well until I came up out of the gulley going a little bit too fast. I popped over the top, caught some air and hit a tree. It wasn’t any big deal because I wasn’t going terribly fast. We weren’t hurt and the 4 wheeler was fine, the engine had died and I would just have to get it started again. I pushed the 4 wheeler back from the tree and fought with it trying to start it up again. I finally got it started but for some reason it was in reverse. I was standing to the side of the 4 wheeler trying to keep giving it gas so it wouldn’t die again, hold the brake and get it out of reverse all at the same time. Things got real messy real fast. The back tires went over the edge of the gulley at an angle and then the 4 wheeler became stuck sideways on the trail halfway over the edge of the gulley…and then it died again. I made sure Angel was well out of the way and physically lifted the 4 wheeler put it straight on the trail going down the gulley which it started rolling down and I couldn’t reach the brake from where I was. It backed up onto the edge of the trail and flipped over on its side. I picked it up again and put it upright on the trail making sure I was able to reach the brake this time. I guided it down the gulley trail until it reached the bottom. I made sure it was in neutral and then fought with it to get it started again. Finally it started up again and I drove back up the gulley much slower this time. This time all went well. We went on a short ride and went back home to clean up. Needless to say I was covered in We arrived back home just as the sun was rising. Perfect!

I cleaned up and we headed to work. Work went well. When I arrived back home I soaked my sore muscles in the hot tub for a while. They I laid down in the banana hut to take a nap. The sun was coming in the window and it felt so good. I snuggled up in the sunlight and enjoyed feeling all warm and fuzzy for a while. I never ended up sleeping but it felt good to just be.

In the evening we decided to go for a walk together.

We hung out at a place named “Dog Hill”. Here is a picture of Remy, Angel’s little dog. Remy loves to go on adventures in the woods.

I enjoyed looking through the sandstone rocks around Dog Hill and decided that rocks would be what I foraged for the day. I like how the sandstone creates uniquely shaped rocks. I appreciated the triangle shaped ones and brought a few home to put triangle energy randomly around the house.

It was a great day! I am grateful.
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.
With gratitude,

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