Healing Continues: 3 Days of Letters to Christopher

Dear Christopher,
December 22, 2019.
Happy Winter Solstice!
It is going to be a great day! I look forward to receiving a lot of clarity. Thank you for spending it with me.
I love you!
Yours always,

Dear Christopher,
December 23, 2019.
Thank you for the great day yesterday. Spending time in the woods is incredibly good for me in many ways.
I had a few insights:
– slow down my life even more.
– stop trying to take charge of things and instead be a helper. Only be in charge when necessary.
– keep following my bliss.
– get back to learning native plants in the woods and their uses.
– continue to grow my own food.
– continue eating really clean.
I’ve had a lot of fears about selling the house in Cameron. I’m working on releasing those fears and trusting that everything is going to fall into place perfectly. I will rest in faith.
I love you dearly.
Yours always,
p.s. Thank you for being my friend and life partner. I appreciate you everyday.
Thank you for being kind.

Dear Christopher,
December 24, 2019.
Happy Christmas Eve!
I am so so very grateful for you in helping me during this drawn out healing crisis. We will find the answer and my body will be back in balance someday soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you! More thank you’s for helping me with Angel. I am so glad I have you to share my life with. Wow!
It is such a beautiful warm day. Such a blessing on Christmas Eve.
I absolutely love and adore you dearly.
Yours always,

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