60 acre backyard: Todays Letter to Christopher

Dear Christopher,

December 9, 2019

Good morning my Love. Our walk yesterday was absolutely wonderful. It is incredible to have a 60 + acre backyard! I’m starting to learn the trails but am taking my time. It is fun to be lost at times.
I am so blissfully happy being out here with you. It’s so exciting to me to be getting the winter garden planted and planning a fruit tree forest. It is so amazing that we found each other at our age with so much in common. I’m still finding synchronicities.
I really appreciate how observant you are. I think you have me figured out more than I have figured myself out. Haha!

I am very grateful to be with you.
Thank you once again and always for your kindness.
Thank you for your wisdom.
Thank you for your confidence.
Thank you for helping with Angel.
Thank you for liking the smoothies I make you.
Thank you for warm fuzzy snuggles.
Thank you for your youthful spirit.
I love your face!

yours always,


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