Tuesday and Wednesday, Great Mechanic and a Funny Dream

Tuesday April 23, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 6 am. Angel and I got up and made our beds. We let out the birds and went into the house. I fed the dogs, made tea and a smoothie. Angel got ready to go with me and we left at 7 am. I had 3 houses to clean and a dog to walk today. Plus I was going on another walk with my friend Kim. It was looking forward to the day. 

At my first cleaning opportunity, Angel did her schoolwork. She did a great job and stayed focused. At one point she asked to take a break and talked to my clients for a half hour telling them her life story. Even with taking a break, she got all her assignments done right before I finished cleaning. 

Next, we went to my friend Kim’s and took Little Bit and her 2 dogs (Sophia and Chance) on a walk around the park. We had a great conversation while we walked and I gained a lot of insights from her on some things I’ve been struggling with. I have such great friends. Angel played on the playground with some other kids that were at the park. 

When we arrived back at Kim’s, I cleaned her house and Angel watched a movie. Angel had completeled 50 pages in her schoolbook and had earned a movie. Every 50 pages she completes she gets a movie of her choice. When I finished cleaning, Kim talked to me about a 10 day future overnight pet sitting job I am going to do for them when I get back from Idaho. She showed me where the dogs food is kept and told what their routine is. It will be a fun job. I’ve pet sat Sophia before and Chance is a dog I re-homed with them and we know each other really well. 

I went to my last cleaning opportunity and when I arrived, the neighbors talked to me about doing a future cat sitting job for them. My pet sitting business is really picking up and I’m thankful for that. I am enjoying it a lot. I cleaned my last house while Angel played on her phone. Then we walked Zona. I took her on an extra long walk because she loves it so much. We played fetch with the frisbee for a while when we got back. She is such a happy dog, I will miss her when I’m in Idaho. 

When we got home, I greeted Christopher and he showed me a huge bunch of eggs he had found in the shed with the chicken feed. The chickens had made a nest in the back. Now we know why we were only getting around 12 eggs a day when we have 32 chickens. Half of them were laying in the feed shed. 

I took a bath and had a salad for dinner. Then I left to go to Cameron for a Milam Community Theater board meeting. The meeting went well and I got home around 9 pm. Angel slept on the trundle bed in the banana hut with me. We both stayed up late playing the block blast game on our phone. That’s it! I am deleting that game on both of our phones. It’s too addictive and I want to use my free time to write my blog. Plus I keep getting angry at the game when I’m about to lose and I sleep restlessly when I play it right before bed. We turned off our phones at around 11 pm. As I was falling asleep I remembered I needed to cancel a hotel reservation I had made for tomorrow night. I thought I was going to leave for Idaho on Wednesday when I made the reservation. Now I’m not leaving until Thursday or Friday. I tried to cancel the reservation on-line but it wasn’t working, so I tried calling and couldn’t get a hold of anyone. I would have to try again in the morning. I fell asleep at around midnight. 

Wednesday April 24, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 6 am. I had slept restlessly throughout the night from playing that game right before bed and being frustrated about not being able to cancel the hotel reservation I had made for tonight. I did have a funny dream though when I finally did fall asleep. I dreamed I was meeting a coaching client in person at a park. I arrived at the park and walked to our meeting place. There were a lot of people at the park and they were all looking at me funny. I saw my client and greeted her and she was acting strangely towards me as well. Suddenly I realized that I was naked. I told my client that I guess I had forgotten to put clothes on. She said that she’d noticed. We laughed and went on with our coaching session as if it was nothing. 

I prayed my gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for mornings. Thank you for another day. 
  • I am grateful for funny dreams. Thank you for a bed to sleep in. 
  • I am grateful for roosters. Thank you for their morning songs. 

I woke up at 5 am and wrote my blog. I was wishing I hadn’t gone to bed so late last night. At 5:30 am I tried waking up Angel. It took me a half hour to get Angel to wake up. She had stayed up too late also. We got up and made our beds. Angel went in the house and I let out the chickens, ducks and geese. I noticed the ducks had layed some eggs. I went to get them and our puppy Healer ran in and grabbed one with his mouth. I scolded him and he dropped the egg and ran off. I went in the house and fed the dogs, made tea and a smoothie. I got ready to go and when I went to put on my shoes, the laces were chewed up and a small part top of one shoe was chewed off. Healer! That dog was being naughty today. 

At 6:30 Angel and I headed to town. I only had one house to clean today. It’s the house where Little Bits mom lives. Little Bit and his mom were happy to see each other and they played together while I cleaned. Angel did her schoolwork and did a great job again. 

When I finished cleaning, I picked up Ms. M and we all went to storytime at the library. While the stories were being read. I went around the corner of the room and canceled the hotel reservation that I had been attempting to cancel last night. I still couldn’t get a hold of anyone through the cancellation number, so I called the booking number and was able to get it done that way. Sheesh! 

The newspapers I deliver on Wednesdays arrived early and they were ready to pick up as soon as storytime was over. I was glad about that and I got them all delivered by 12:30 pm. I took Ms. M home and touched up a house I am cleaning that is for sale. Then we walked Zona. We took her on an extra long walk again and played fetch with her. 

I called my mechanic to find out what was going on with my car. He said that he was putting on some adjustments for the front tires and was trying to find a place for me that could get my car aligned first thing in the morning. I thanked him for doing that for me. He is such a great mechanic. 

I stopped at the grocery store and bought $200 worth of dog food for one of my pet sitting clients (he had given me money to pay for the dog food and my time) and headed home. On the way, I stopped at my mechanics to see how things were going. He was just finishing up with my car and said he was able to find a place in Bryan that was first come first serve to do an alignment for me, so if I showed up as soon as they opened in the morning I could probably get my car done right away. I asked him what I owed him for what he did today and he said nothing for the labor and that I could just pay for the parts. I paid him extra and thanked him for his generosity. 

I needed a way to get my car back home so I called Christopher but he had left to go out in the woods to hang out with his friend and wasn’t answering his phone. I called my friend that lives across the highway from me but she wasn’t feeling good. I asked my mechanic if he would be willing to drive my car home for me. I told him I was only 5 miles away. He said sure. He could follow me home and I could bring him back. Yay! As I was pulling out in my truck to head home with my mechanic following in my car, Christopher called and said he could do it. I told him the mechanic was already doing it for me. Then my friend called me back and said her husband could come get the car for me. I also told her my mechanic was already doing it for me. It’s nice to be so cared for. When I arrived home, my mechanic parked the car and I brought him back to his shop in my truck. I told him that he is, by far, the best mechanic I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a mechanic go above and beyond like him before and I was grateful I found him. He said thank you and we had a fun conversation on the drive back. I dropped him off and stood around talking to him and his hired hand for a few minutes. 

When I got home, Angel and I got out our suitcases and started packing. Then we took a bath and had smoothies for dinner. I did laundry and thoroughly cleaned the banana hut. I jumped on the trampoline and wrote my blog while Angel played on her phone. When it got dark, we put the chickens, ducks and geese away and went to sleep at around 9 pm listening to a Bobbsey Twins audiobook. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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