Music at Church, New Chickens and Restless Dog

Sunday April 14, 2024

Dear Diary, 

I woke up at 7 am. Solo had done better in the night but was still really restless. I was glad I got to sleep in. I prayed my gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for rest. 
  • I am grateful for chickens. 
  • I am grateful for peace of mind. 

I got up, made my bed and let out the ducks, chickens and geese. I took Solo on a morning walk, then I put him on a lead line where he could see me. I let all the new chickens out of the back of the truck and watched to see how they would do. There was one new rooster, a white leghorn named Sunshine. Our other rooster Red immediately started fighting with Sunshine, to establish dominance. Red was obviously going to win but neither of them were being overly aggressive and I knew they would work it out without either of them getting hurt. 

I went in the house and greeted Christopher and Angel. Angel said she wasn’t feeling very good and wasn’t going to church. I checked her and she seemed ok. I made tea and a smoothie and went to the banana hut to pick out a song to sing at church. Angel and I were signed up to do special music during the service. Angel was going to play Jesus Loves Me on the xylophone and I was playing Amazing Grace on the harmonica. Since Angel wasn’t going to be going, I would sing a song instead. I knew what song I wanted to sing, All My Tears Be Washed Away. On YouTube I searched for a good karaoke version of it. I found one right away and practiced singing it for a while. Once I felt confident singing it, I went back into the house to sing it to Christopher and Angel. When I walked in the door, I noticed that Angel was dressed up for church. She said she was feeling better and was going. I sent her to the banana hut to practice Jesus Loves Me on the xylophone and I sang my song to Christopher before joining her. I helped Angel practice playing her song a few times, then I put the xylophone and my harmonica in the truck. I put Solo in the kennel and we headed to church. 

At church I set up the xylophone and practiced my song on the harmonica. I visited with people until the service started. When it was time for special music, Angel played Jesus Loves Me two times and the second time we all sang along with her. I played Amazing Grace on the harmonica and sang my song. The sermon was good and the main message I received was to treat others with love like Jesus. 

After church, I drove to do my cat sitting job and headed right back home. At home I let Solo out and sat with him outside all afternoon. Christopher and Angel sat outside with us some of the time and we watched the new chickens. Angel said she wasn’t feeling good again, I read to her from The National Park Mystery Series book 3. Later on, Christopher helped me move a cage over by the chicken coop for extra nesting space for the new chickens. I put extra roosting sticks in the coops and moved more stuff into the garden shed. Solo enjoyed being outside with us all and I was surprised that he didn’t bother the chickens. They walked all around him and he didn’t try to attack them. 

In the evening, Angel and I took a bath. At dinner time, something Christopher was cooking smelled bad to me and turned my stomach and I didn’t eat. Instead I hung out with Solo. When it starting getting dusk, the new chickens didn’t know where to go to roost. They wanted to go into the back of my truck where they had come out of that morning. I kept trying to lure them to the chicken coop with scratch but they would only follow me so far before heading back to the truck. When it was almost dark, I decided to open up the back of my truck and let them roost in it and move them to the coop manually. Christopher and Angel helped and we were able to get the ones that roosted and move them to the coop but there were some that ran off and hid that we didn’t get put in the coop. I figured they would be ok for the night. 

At bedtime, I jumped on the trampoline with Angel and read to her some more of The National Park Mystery Series book 3. She decided to sleep on the trundle bed next to me. Solo was in his crate panting and restless again. I gave him his calmed chews and sprayed him with his calming spray. They didn’t seem to help. I let him out of the crate thinking that might help him calm down. He paced around the room panting. I loosened his collar a notch thinking maybe it was too tight and I took him out to use the bathroom but he still panted and paced when I brought him back in. I was glad he was going home tomorrow. He was having such a hard time. Finally at around 11 pm, I fell into a restless sleep. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.   

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