Riding Lessons, Pet Sitting and the Scion Fixed

Thursday April 11, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 3:30 am and wrote my blog. At 5:20 am I woke Angel up and we cuddled in my bed for a few minutes. Then we made our beds and let out the chickens, ducks and geese. We went in the house and got ready to go to horse riding lessons. I fed the dogs, made tea and smoothies. 

At 6:30 am we headed out. On the way to riding lessons I did a pet sitting job feeding dogs and goats. The mean goat started rearing up to butt me until I held up my stick for him to see. Then he decided we were friends 😂. We played with the dogs a while and I filled up their feeder with food and checked their water. They have an automatic fresh water feeder hooked to the well water and I check to make sure it’s working like it’s supposed to. 

At riding lessons, I was still feeling nervous getting on a horse. I was tempted to quit doing riding lessons. I prayed about it and received clarity to continue to face my fear and keep doing lessons. They have been putting me on the gentlest horse naned Bubba which is Angel’s favorite horse. She has been riding Mac who is the horse that bolted on me. He does really well with Angel. It’s interesting how different the horses act when a kid is riding them verses an adult. I haven’t been interested in getting a horse into a lope again. I’m happy to simply walk or do a slow trot and Bubba is more than willing to oblige. 

After riding lessons, I picked up my grandson Finn and then Ms. M. This week for the homeschool co-op we had a field trip at the Kay Theater. The president of the Kay board gave a history of the theater and talked about what the Kay is doing currently. He mentioned the upcoming movies and events and explained how anyone interested can sponsor a movie or rent the building for an event. The kids got a tour of the building and watched a couple of short movies from a series called Superbook. Then we all went to the park, the kids played while the mom’s talked. I really enjoyed talking with the other moms. We are all so supportive and encouraging towards each other. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group. 

When we left the park, I took Ms. M to get her hair cut and brought her to her house. Then, kids and I walked Zona and played frisbee with her. Next, I did my cat sitting job and checked the plants. On the way home the mechanic working on my Scion called and said it was finished. Yay! He put in new struts, ball bearings, sway bar end links and brake pads. It is now is great shape to drive to Idaho on April 24th. 

At home, I picked up Christopher and drove to the mechanics. I went in to pay with my credit card but the mechanic said he only takes cash or check. I drove back home, got cash and drove back to the mechanics shop. While I was there the mechanic showed me one of the old struts he took off and it was in bad shape. I was glad I’d gotten those replaced. It will be a much smoother ride now. 

Christopher drove the Scion home while I drove my pickup with the kids. He said it drove fine. Now all I have to do is get it inspected, registered and insured and it’s ready to go. I’m excited about driving it to Idaho. It’s a good little car that’s a stick shift. I love driving stick shifts. I would have gotten a stick shift when I bought my pickup but they don’t make Ford Mavericks that are a stick shift. It seems like everyone prefers automatics now, except me. 

At home, the kids played outside and I made salad and deviled eggs, to take to a potluck for a Master Naturalist meeting. Then, I took a nice long bath and when I got out, it was time to leave. 

The speaker for the Master Naturalist meeting was great. He talked about native grasses and grazing responsibly. We don’t have grazing animals on our land other than our 3 small goats but it was still really interesting. The meeting was over at 8 pm and I was grateful that it hadn’t run any later. I talked to my sister Trish on the drive home, I told her about all the work done on my car and that I was excited to drive it to Idaho to help her out when she gets her surgery. 

Finn was staying the night at our place and when I arrived home, him and Angel were getting ready for bed. I told everyone goodnight and went to bed in the banana hut. I watched funny videos on YouTube for a few minutes, then I went to sleep at around 9:30 pm. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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