Tired, Caffeine and Pet Sitting

Monday April 1, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 2:30 AM, I thought I would go back to sleep but I didn’t. I was obsessing again on how to get to Idaho at the end of the month, the price to fly had increased overnight. Then I remembered that I had already prayed about it and didn’t need to obsess on it. At 4 AM I wrote my blog until almost 5 AM. I got up, made my bed, let the chickens and geese out and went into the house. Christopher and Angel were still asleep and it was dark in there. I turned on the light, started heating up water for tea, fed Little Bit and got dressed. I had a pre made smoothie in the fridge that I packed to go, along with some fresh squeezed OJ. Once the water was hot, I made tea and headed out the door. 

I was feeling really tired on the way to my first house to clean. The 4 hours of sleep I’d gotten wasn’t enough. I also!wasn’t feeling that motivated get back in the groove of things now that I was home from vacation for a week and a half. I really want to clean less and be with Angel more and travel with her every few months and help people when they need it. I listened to uplifting music on the drive and arrived at my first house right on time. 

While cleaning my first house, I listened to a talk by Joyce Meyer called “Loving People When They Hurt You”. It was a great talk and made cleaning go by faster. My next house was next door and I was dragging by then. I was so tired and it took me longer to clean than usual. I had left extra time before going to my next house and did a quick trip to the store to get some groceries. At the store I bought a cacao drink made by Remedy Organics. I’m not a fan of caffeine since I know it uses up the reserve energy in my adrenals but I chose to drink some caffeine to give me a boost. A better solution would have been to step into faith knowing I already had inside of me everything I needed to get through my day. My adrenals don’t need me to but strain on them and it usually takes me a few days for my energy levels to recover when I have caffeine. When I step into faith there is nothing to recover from and a lot is gained. 

At my 3rd house, I had full energy and didn’t feel tired at all, the caffeine had me buzzing. When I finished, I did a bid on cleaning a new house once a month that is replacing a once a month house that is leaving. Then I stopped at Moon Brew Coffee to see if they had any salads left because I had drank my OJ and smoothie already and I was still hungry. They didn’t have any salads left so I had a fruit and yogurt cup and talked with my friend Maggie who is the co-owner of Moon Brew. It was great catching up with her and finding out what’s going on in her life. I was glad I stopped by. 

I arrived home around 3 PM and greeted Christopher and Angel. I talked with them for a while and made myself a salad to take to my pet sitting job. I am staying overnight there the next 3 nights. My friends that I am pet sitting for messaged me earlier that day and let me know that their stray dog that I was going to practice training would not be there. I had been looking forward to training her but this would make things easier for me. I fed Bits a treat and told him happy birthday. He turned 1 year old today. Then I went outside and laid in the hammock. Angel joined me and we watched funny dog videos on my phone until it was time for me to leave. We laughed and laughed at the videos. Some of them were hilarious. It felt good to laugh. 

I arrived at the pet sitting job at around 5 PM. I fed the indoor animals and walked around looking at the farm animals. Someone else was taking care of the farm animals and there were a lot of them. There were lots and lots of goats, ducks, Guinea hens, turkeys and chickens. Plus 3 big outside dogs. I watched the outside animals for a while, then I sat outside at the picnic table and ate my salad. Suddenly I felt zapped of energy. The caffeine had worn off. I went inside and planned to go to bed early but instead I turned on their TV. I don’t have a TV at home and rarely watch TV. I thought I would find a comedy so I could get some more laughs in. I found one that I thought would be funny and it was a little but mostly it was predictable and lame. I started to feel sick to my stomach watching it so I turned it off before it even got to the end. I wished I would have not wasted my time on that garbage and would have written my blog instead, or gone on a walk, or meditated. Ugh. I felt so yuck from the energy of that movie and the come down from the caffeine. I checked on the indoor animals, took a shower and went to bed. I fell asleep immediately around 9:30 PM. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

P.S.S. Happy 1st birthday Little Bit. 

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