Easter Sunday

Sunday March 31, 2024

Dear Diary,

Woke up at 7 AM. It was nice to sleep in. Angel was still asleep on the trundle bed next to me. I laid in bed and wrote my blog until 9:30 AM. While I was writing, Angel woke up around 8:30 AM and made her bed. She was excited about Easter and wanted to know what colors she should wear. I told her pink or red or blue and she ran off into the house to pick out a dress for church. When I finished writing my blog, I quickly made my bed and went into the house. I made tea and a smoothie and got dressed. Angel had gotten dressed in a pretty blue dress and had her hair combed nice. 

At 9:50 AM we headed to church. There were a lot of people at church, I greeted people as I found my seat and went up front to sit with the choir. I felt really good and enjoyed the sermon about Jesus’ resurrection. After church, they had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. There were a lot of eggs and 4 kids were there to find them, so they all got plenty each. 

When we got home from church, I told Angel she could trade the candy that she got in her plastic Easter eggs for money. She was happy to do that and we emptied out all of her plastic eggs. Some of them had toys and money in them but most of them had candy. We made a big pile of the candy and I offered Angel $5 for all of it. She thought that was great and so did I. I disposed of all the candy and gave her $5. It was a good trade. 

I suddenly felt tired and laid down outside in the hammock until Christopher’s daughter Miranda arrived with her husband Matthew and our grandson Finn. They came over for Easter so the kids could do an Easter egg hunt and we all could spend time together. Miranda bought confetti Easter eggs to hide and it was great that there wasn’t any candy. Angel rarely eats candy and when she does eat it, she gets extremely hyper and has complete meltdowns. We hid the Easter eggs and the kids had fun finding them. Then Miranda gave the kids each a giant plastic Easter egg that had all kinds of different toys in them. One of the toys was a wooden labyrinth and you win by getting a little metal ball through the labyrinth without it falling in one of the holes. I started playing with Angel’s labyrinth and Matthew started playing with Finn’s. We both obsessed on them until we won. Matthew won first and I completely mine shortly after. Then we could move on with our lives.  

Everyone decided to walk down to the gulley and I stayed at the house in the hammock. I wrote my blog for a while and took a 20 minute nap. It felt good to have a rest day. I have such high energy when I eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables that I don’t feel the need to give myself rest days often. Every once in a while I need them though and I was enjoying being home alone in the hammock. It’s not often that I’m home alone. Everyone came back right after I woke up from my nap and we all talked for a half hour or so until Miranda, Matthew and Finn left. 

I had a coaching client phone call scheduled for 4 PM and it was 3:30 PM. I went in the house and drank some smoothie, then got settled in the banana hut to call my client. I had a few minutes before 4 PM and I used that time to pray and meditate and get centered. The coaching session went great and when I got off the phone, dinner was almost ready. 

I had a big salad for dinner and we all shared what we were grateful for around the table. Then Angel, Bits and I left to go a ways down the dirt road to pick up a 50 lb. bag of wheat berries from my friend. She had made a trip to get some for herself and I had pre paid her to get some for me. We like making Angel’s homemade bread from fresh wheat berries. We “grind” them into flour using the vitamix blender. Fresh ground flour tastes so much different than store bought flour, it has a yummy nutty flavor. Plus it has way more nutrients and nutrient dense food is what I’m into. The fresh ground wheat berries make a much courser bread, it’s not soft or fluffy but Angel really likes it and I like feeding it to her. 

After getting the wheat berries, I drove down another dirt road to visit with friends that I am pet sitting for 3 days and nights starting tomorrow. I wanted to come by so they could show me everything I needed to do. It was good to see them. They showed me around and we visited for quite a while. I will be staying overnight there and I’m looking forward to taking care of their sweet animals. One of their outside dogs is a stray that wandered onto their property a while ago and she needs some serious training. I could tell she was very trainable during the short time I worked with her but definitely needs diligence and consistency. I am looking forward to working with her. I found I have a gift for dog training when I trained Chance before he found a new home. 

When we got back home, I took a quick shower and Angel got in the bath. I told Christopher good night and went to bed early since I had to clean my first house tomorrow at 5:30 AM. I laid in bed looking at plane tickets to go help my sister in Idaho at the end of April, after she gets surgery. I couldn’t decide which ones to buy or whether to bring Angel or not or whether to drive. My mind kept going in circles and I couldn’t get to sleep. Finally I decided to pray for guidance and rest in faith. Then I was able to fall asleep at around 9:30 PM. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.



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