Funny Dream, Church, Cleaning and Ducks

Sunday March 17, 2024

Dear Diary, 

I woke up from 3:30 AM and wrote my blog until 6 AM. I heard Angel get up an hour later and asked her to let out the chickens/geese and ducks who were making a racket wanting to be let out. They are used to being let out earlier. She said she would and I drifted back to sleep until 8:30 AM. I had a funny dream that Christopher had gotten a second wife. Rather than being upset about this, I friended the other wife and was glad Christopher had someone to keep him company while I traveled and went on adventures. Her and I got along wonderfully. She loved Christopher very much and was good to him. I woke up feeling joyful and was entertained by my fun dream. Maybe there’s something to this multiple wife thing 😂. It is biblical after all. 

I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes: 

  • I am grateful for fun dreams. Thank you for great entertaining sleep. 
  • I am grateful for rain. Thank you for life giving water. 
  • I am grateful for geese. Thank you for their funny personalities. 

I made my bed and went in the house. I fed the dogs while I told Christopher about my funny dream. I made tea and smoothies and got ready for church. Angel played with her new toys and also got ready for church. We arrived at church a few minutes early so we would have time to visit with people before it started. I enjoyed greeting everyone and asking how they were doing. I love people. 

The service was good and the main message I received from it was to keep my eyes focused on God rather than on worldly things. I realized that I had been focused on making a bunch of money before going to Utah rather than focusing on God and resting in faith. 

After the service, there was a church luncheon. I didn’t bring a salad and there wasn’t anything there for me to eat but I didn’t mind. I chatted with people, asking them about their lives and enjoyed listening to them share about themselves. 

When we arrived home from church. I got things ready and headed to town to talk to a lady about pet/plant/house sitting when at the beginning of April. The days she wanted me were going to overlap with a retreat I was going to be at in Belton with my friend Nancy for the solar eclipse. I have been feeling for a while like the retreat wasn’t in alignment with my life at the moment. I didn’t want to disappoint my friend but I had to honor my intuition and cancel going. I called Nancy on my way to clean a house and canceled going. She was very understanding and I was grateful for that. 

I listened to a sermon on faith while I cleaned the house. It was a very uplifting sermon and I enjoyed cleaning. When I finished, I pick up a mop I have left at a clients house last week and headed home. While I had been gone, Christopher had gotten Angels remote control sailboat put together and she was at the pond playing with it. I did a few chores around the house and talked to Christopher. Then we went out to the pond and watched Angel play with her boat for a while until it was time to leave to take her to Awanas. Right as we were getting ready to leave, the sky became very dark and hail started pouring down. The hail didn’t last very long thankfully and it had turned into a hard rain. Angel had been waiting for me in the truck and she came running in the house getting soaked in the process. We watch the rain through the window for a few minutes. When the sky started to get lighter and the rain let up a little. We ran back out to the truck and headed to town. I dropped Angel off at Awanas, then drove to the post office and put a letter in the mail dropbox. I stopped at the grocery store and got a few things. Then I parked outside of the church where Angel was at Awanas, and wrote my blog for a half hour until the program was over. 

When I went inside to get Angel, she was upset and having a meltdown because she didn’t win a prize. I comforted her and we went back to the truck. On the way home I asked if she had eaten at Awanas, and she said that she’d had a cookie and some gummy bears while she was there. That explained the meltdown.

When we got home, we were getting ready to take a bath that Christopher had ready for us when I realized that we hadn’t put the ducks in their coop for the night yet. I wanted to get it done before they went out to the pond. We all looked around for the ducks and couldn’t find them, we checked both ponds and then they magically showed up in the yard. Christopher was trying out a new system by catching them with the net, but it wasn’t working very well and a couple ran off into the woods. We got the rest cornered and put into their coop. The ones that had ran into the woods came out and were on the backside of the goat pen. When I went around to herd them back into the yard I came across a chicken laying under a tree on big nest of eggs. We have 13 chickens and have only been getting around 3 to 5 eggs a day. Christopher had looked all over the other day and couldn’t find any other place that they had might be laying. Well, now we found the other place and a broody hen was sitting on the eggs. We were happy about that since we really wanted to hatch some chicks. We left the broody hen alone and continued herding the ducks into the yard. After getting the last two ducks cornered and put into their coop, Angel and I got in the bath. I took a short bath and Angel stayed in longer playing with her toys. I called my son Scott and talked to him for a a few minutes about my upcoming trip. He was going to let me use his big old red van that he had fixed up and named Ruby while I was in Utah helping out my other son Shawn and his wife Bri. When I got off the phone with him, I called my daughter-in-law Bri, and briefly talked to her about my upcoming trip. Angel came in from the bath and Christopher went out to shower. I went out to the banana hut with plans to go to bed early. I wrote some more my blog and it took longer than I expected. I wanted to make sure I was caught up so I wouldn’t get behind for the next couple of days because they were going to be very busy days. I finally finished and went to sleep around 9 PM.

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P. S. This post was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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