Angels Birthday Party

Saturday March 16, 2024

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 5:30 AM. I had slept 8 hours completely through the night. That doesn’t happen often and it felt great. Plus I didn’t have to get up to go anywhere. I wrote some of my blog and prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes: 

  • I am grateful for a home. Thank you for a home day. 
  • I am grateful for birthdays. Thank you for 9 wonderful years with Angel. 
  • I am grateful for peace of mind. Thank you for God’s peace. 

I fully relaxed my body and meditated until 7 AM when I decided to get up. The chickens, geese and ducks were making a racket wondering why I was late in letting them out. I open their doors and they chastised me on the way out. After being well chastised, I went into the house. I fed the dogs and made homemade almond milk and fresh pineapple/apple juice. I washed the juicer and did the rest of the dishes. Then I made tea and a smoothie. I checked on the paper maché piñata and it was still wet in a lot of places. There was no way it would be dry enough before Angels birthday party. We needed to go to the store and buy a piñata. I really wanted a day at home since next week would be a busy few days before I left to go to Utah on Wednesday. Christopher said he would go to town and get the piñata, Angel went with him to pick out the one she wanted. I was grateful he was willing to go instead of me. I went out to the banana hut and wrote more of my blog. Little Bit and Healer were wrestling around on the bed next to me when I suddenly heard Healer peeing. He was peeing right in the middle of my bed. I grabbed him and quickly pulled the blankets off the bed. Thankfully it only went through the first 3 layers and didn’t get my sheets. I took the bedding out to the washing machine. There were clothes in there that had finished washing. It was raining out so they wouldn’t get dry on the line. I didn’t want to hang them on our clothes line we have inside the house because Angel was having her birthday party today. So I hung them up in the banana hut and started the blankets washing. I made my bed with clean blankets and sat down to write some more. 

I had just gotten into writing again when Angel came running in. They were back from the store and she had already filled the piñata with the party favors I bought to put in it. I don’t give out candy if there’s anyway around it, I don’t think candy is a good thing for kids to have at a party or anytime for that matter. It has no nutritional value. The kids get really hyper if they eat candy and party favors are a great substitute. Angel rarely gets candy and she has emotional melt downs when she does eat it. 

Angel wanted me to come look at the piñata so we went over to the house to look at it and started setting things up. Christopher brought chairs in and we set them around the room. Then he started making 2 big fruit pies sweetened with honey not sugar. Angel requested pies for her birthday instead of cake and Christopher said he would make them. I went back to the banana hut to write some more and got my blog written and posted. I had an hour before the party started, so I laid down and drifted off to sleep for a quick nap. I fell asleep right away and slept about 10 minutes when text messages on my phone woke me up. Then, I heard the dogs barking as if someone had arrived. It was still a little early for guests to arrive and I went outside to investigate. It was a friend who was stopping by briefly to give Angel presents. We went inside and Angel opened her gifts. She received a couple of neat little musical instruments and a battery powered remote control sailboat. What great gifts! Then I showed my friend around the property since he hadn’t been there before. Giving tours of our property is one of my favorite things to do. We finished our tour and he was leaving just as party guests started arriving. 

A lot of people came to the party. I believe there were 17 kids and 8 adults that came. Thankfully the rain stopped and the weather was perfect. We did the piñata first and that was a success. The kids gathered up the party favors and I gave them all gifts bags to put it in. Next, we went inside and I got out the durian. I opened one up for the kids and adults to taste if they wanted to. One little boy said it was disgusting 😂 even though he didn’t even try it. Most of the kids wouldn’t even taste it which left more for Christopher, Angel and myself and I was fine with that. I ate a bunch of it and it was delicious. I put the durian aside and Christopher brought the pie over to the table. Angel blew out her nine candles and Christopher served up pie while I made banana “nice” cream to go with it. (If you want to know how banana “nice” cream is made, see yesterday’s blog post). No one said the pie and “nice” cream were disgusting and everyone enjoyed it. I didn’t have pie but I had some “nice” cream. 

After everyone ate, Angel opened her presents. She got a lot of great gifts and when she finished opening them all, the kids went out to play with them. I organized things while the parents talked. Then I sat and joined them for a little while until the kids wanted to go for a walk in the woods. I took them to the gulley and they went wild climbing up and down it. They looked like they were having so much fun that I joined them. I became one of the kids and we had a great time. We could have played in the gulley for hours except some of the parents walked out there and interrupted our fun by saying it was time to go. Parents! Who needs them!

Most of the kids and parents left but there were a few that stayed and we had fun talking while the kids played in the yard. When everyone finally left, I checked the mail and ate a big salad. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and took a bath with Angel. After Christopher showered, we all gathered in the banana hut. I read aloud the last chapter of A Wrinkle In Time and started a new book that I got Angel for Christmas called Stormy Misty’s Foal by Marguerite Henry. Then we all said our good nights and went to bed. Angel slept on the trundle bed next to me but she was really hyper and wouldn’t go to sleep. I was tired and was getting frustrated with her. Finally she calmed down and we fell asleep at 9:30 PM listening to a Bobbsey Twin audiobook. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you.



P. S. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

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