First Day Back From Vacation

Tuesday March 5, 2024

Dear Diary, 

I woke up at 6:15 a.m made my bed and jumped 100 rebounder jumps. I went into the house, greeted Christopher, made lime tea and two 64 oz. smoothies. Then I headed to town. Little Bit and Angel stayed home with Christopher. It was too hot for Bits to stay in the truck while I cleaned houses and Christopher wasn’t working today so Angel stayed home with him to do school. 

I had 5 houses scheduled to clean today and a life coaching session scheduled at 6 p.m. in the evening. Vacation was officially over 😂. Cleaning the houses went well. I had plenty of energy to get me through the day and enjoyed fun conversations with my clients that were home. I even got in a quick grocery store run in the middle of the day. I like having high energy and being productive, drinking my smoothies throughout the day helps with that. It keeps my blood sugar even and is easy to digest. 

I was happy to be finished when I completed the last house and was headed home. I knew I had done a good job cleaning and it gave me a sense of satisfaction. On the drive home I drank my 2nd smoothie and talked with my oldest son Shawn to see how his recovery from breaking his ankle and getting surgery was going. He started back to work this week, working from home and he’s glad to be making money again. We had a good conversation and he will be seeing the doctor again tomorrow to find out if his ankle is healing properly. 

At home, I greeted Christopher, Angel, Little Bit and the rest of the dogs. I talked to Christopher and Angel while I put groceries away. Then I got into the bath that Christopher had ready for me. I added epsom salts to the water and soaked for quite a while, fully relaxing my body and enjoying the view of the trees and sky above me. I noticed baby banana plants starting to come up. I look forward to watching them grow and add to my view while taking baths. Some of our chickens came and visited me, walking all around the bathtub. Chickens are so cute! While I was still soaking, a friend called and when I got off the phone with her, I wrote my blog until Angel came out and joined me. I got out shortly after she got in so I could get ready for my coaching client. As I was getting ready, my sister called and we talked for 10 minutes until it was time to call my client. I went out to the banana hut (my office) to do the coaching session. It’s so nice and clean and peaceful in the banana hut. I’m very grateful I have this space as my sanctuary. 

The coaching session went fantastic. I really enjoy coaching, I am a natural encourager and receive a lot of clarity when coaching. Right when the session was over, Angel came in and wanted to know if we were having story time tonight. I said, “yes we were”. I went to the house and made lime tea. Then, we all gathered in the banana hut. I jumped 100 jumps on the rebounder and showed Christopher pictures of my trip to Tucson. I read aloud 3 chapters from Hank the Cowdog book 10, those books are great fun. I like to make different voices for the characters while I read. My Drover the dog voice and Pete the cat voice are my favorites. When I finished reading, Christopher went in the house and Angel slept on the trundle bed next to me. We fell asleep at around 8 p.m. listening to a Bobbsey Twins audiobook. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



P.s. This blog post was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

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