Story Time, Home Alone, Coaching and A Skit

February 14, 2024

I woke up at 3 a.m. the puppy Healer was crying to go out. I took him outside and he pooped. What a good puppy! I attempted to go back to sleep but I was wide awake so I wrote my blog until 5 a.m. Well now it was almost time to get up. I laid in bed meditating and prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes: 

  • I am grateful for healing. Thank you for clarity on how to let go of past pain. 
  • I am grateful for smoothies. Thank you for the energy they give me. 
  • I am grateful for sunshine. Thank you for its beautiful glow and warmth. 
  • I am grateful for breath. Thank you for the life I am given. 

At 5:45 a.m. I got out of bed and woke Angel up. She did not want to get up but I eventually got her moving. We made our beds and went next door. Angel ate her breakfast and got ready to go with me. I got dressed and made three 64 oz. smoothies. 20 bananas total along with grape and strawberry juice. I used up the last of the grape juice. I packed up all the smoothies and a salad I had made yesterday. I didn’t plan on being home until after 9 p.m. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of food with me. 

We arrived at my first house to clean right on time. Angel did her schoolwork while I cleaned. I chatted briefly with my client and got her house nice and clean. At my 2nd house, Angel finished up her schoolwork. I received a text from a client canceling her house cleaning that I had scheduled for later in the afternoon after my paper route. I was really relieved to get that text. That would free up enough time for me to go home for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. This would be my last house to clean until Monday morning and I was ready for a break. 

Next, I picked up Ms. M and we went to story time at the library. There was a new lady there with her son that I hadn’t seen before. I greeted her and she was very friendly. When story time was over and the kids were playing, I heard someone say “talk to Victoria about the homeschool co-op”.  I looked over and the new lady was the one wanting information. She asked me a few questions about the co-op and homeschooling in general. She said she was new in town and wanted to meet people and find kids for her 8 year old son to play with. I told her she was welcome to come to the co-op and there were a lot of moms of kids there. She teared up and shared with me that she had just left a domestic violence relationship and that’s why half her face was paralyzed. I had noticed her face but didn’t think anything of it, we all have imperfections. I teared up too as she shared her story. I gave her a hug and congratulated her on getting out of that abusive relationship. I shared with her that Rockdale was a wonderful community. I encouraged her to join the homeschool co-op and that I would be there for her and she would meet a lot of other moms there. She was very interested and we exchanged numbers. 

Before heading to deliver the newspapers, I dropped Angel off with Christopher at the Lutheran church where he was cleaning. Him and Angel were going to pick up our grandson Finn when he finished cleaning the church and Finn was staying overnight with us. 

The paper delivery went great. Ms. M and I sang John Denver songs together and I got done in record time. In the middle of my route Ms. M’s husband came and got her from me; he had something he needed to take her to. When I finished the paper route, I happily headed home. I was really glad I had time to come home in the middle of the day because I had forgotten to bring clothes to wear for the skit I was performing that evening and I had also forgotten some of my props. 

I arrived home before Christopher. I was enjoying being home alone, I sat outside in the sun naked and drank a smoothie. My sister called and we had a great light hearted conversation. We laughed and laughed. Laughing feels so good and laughing naked in the sun feels even better 😂. Christopher arrived home with the kids and I put on underclothes since our grandson was with him. Christopher sat outside with me until it was time for me to get ready to go back to town. I took a shower and gathered together all the stuff I needed for the skit. 

When I arrived in town, I made a quick stop at the store to get some last things for the skit. I was running behind on doing a coaching session with a client and I was rushing through the store. I messaged her that I was a little behind and she was fine with that. I quickly went through self check out and drove to a quiet place to call my client. 

The coaching session went good as usual and when it was finished I drove to Moon Brew to practice the skit for an hour or so before our performance. AJ, person doing the skit with me wasn’t there yet. I messaged asking if he needed a ride. I didn’t hear from him for a while so I called but there was no answer. I waited another half hour and called again. He answered in a sleepy voice and said he had fallen asleep and would be ready in 20 minutes. I was instantly triggered. Now we wouldn’t have any time to practice on stage. AJ assured me that it would all be fine but I didn’t agree and I was mad. I sat with my anger and let myself feel it until it was time to pick up AJ. By that time the anger was mostly gone and I was feeling more at peace with the situation. When AJ got in the truck, I told him that if we made a fool of ourselves during this performance, I was blaming him. I wasn’t angry anymore though and we made jokes and laughed, then we practiced our lines. We sat in the truck out back of Moon Brew and ran through our lines a couple of times. Neither of us had them completely down. We got out of the truck and practiced our lines some more acting out our parts. We were not even close to ready when we went inside to see if we were up. As we came in the back door I heard our names being announced. Oh no, it was time right now. We went on stage, set up and we were on. We were doing great remembering our lines, when AJ suddenly skipped way ahead and we pretty much did improv after that, throwing in a few remembered lines here and there. Somehow we made it through and I was grateful when the performance was over. People congratulated us and said we did a great job. We did?! They said it was funny and they enjoyed it. Ok great! I was glad no one could tell that we had winged it through most of the performance. 

I stayed and watched the other performers. There was singing and poetry and guitar playing and it was a wonderful event. When it was over, I stayed way later than I had planned on staying, especially since I’d started my day at 3 a.m. I had such a good time talking to people that I didn’t get home until 10:15 p.m. I put my 3rd smoothie that I didn’t drink in the fridge went straight to bed and wrote some of my blog. I fell asleep at around 11:30 p.m.

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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