2 Days in One: Sleepover With Sarah and Building A Covered Porch

November 24, 2023

I woke up refreshed at 8 a.m. I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes and did 100 rebounder jumps. The kitchen was bustling when I walking in. Christopher was finishing serving up breakfast to Angel and B. I said good morning to everyone, used the bathroom, made my tea and got dressed for the day. Christopher left to take B home and clean a church. Angel played with her toys while I did laundry and washed bedding. I cleaned the banana hut and put clean bedding on the trundle bed. My friend Sarah was coming over later to spend the night and I wanted to have it all ready for her before she arrived. 

It was a beautiful chilly sunny morning. I asked Angel if she wanted to go on a ride on the side-by-side. She said, “yes”. We bundled up and did a slow drive up the county road to see the dinosaurs. It was a blissful drive, Angel brought along her Bible and paper to write on. We talked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Little Bit came with us and he had fun looking around and smelling all the smells. When we arrived back home, I hung up laundry and started another load washing. Angel and I sat outside in the sun. She played with her toys while I read out loud a book called Sweet September

A hour later, my daughter S came to pick up Angel. Angel was really excited to go. She was staying overnight with her sister for a sleepover. Christopher came home shortly after they left. We sat outside in the sun and talked until my friend Sarah arrived. She brought with her a whole bunch of yummy raw food dishes that were leftover from Thanksgiving. We sat in the kitchen and talked while I ate some delicious fruity pie Sarah had brought. Then Sarah and I went for a walk in the woods with the dogs. We walk to the gulley and I took her to my favorite spot. Since Angel wasn’t there to climb along the edge of the gulley, I decided that I needed to. It was great fun. Now, I plan on joining Angel next time instead of just watching her. Sarah didn’t have on good climbing shoes so she didn’t attempt to follow me out over the edge and she watched this 51 year old lady climbing around like a monkey 😂. 

When we got back to the homestead, we watched the goats and chickens for a while. Then we went in the kitchen and ate a bunch of the food Sarah had brought. It was a raw food thanksgiving. She has made raw potato salad, raw dressing, raw green bean casserole, raw stuffed tomatoes and raw raspberry/cranberry deliciousness pie. I ate until I was stuffed full. It was all so yummy. The nice thing about eating raw is feeling light and energized after a large meal rather than tired and bloated. Christopher came in from being at his shop and ate a bunch of the food Sarah brought. He liked it all and even had some pie before going back out to his shop. Sarah and I went in the banana hut. I did 100 jumps on the rebounder before putting it away so we could get everything ready for our sleepover. We pulled out the trundle bed and got everything set up. Then we went back in the kitchen and ate some more. Christopher came in and we all played my new board game Trekking the National Parks. After the game was over, we said our good nights and went to bed. Sarah slept on the trundle bed. We talked a little and read a little and we to sleep at around 8:30 p.m. 

November 25, 2023

The next morning I woke up at 6 a.m. I had slept good other than having to poop in the middle of the night from eating all that yummy food 😂. I prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes. Sarah woke up for a while and we talked. Then she went back to sleep for a while. I went in the kitchen, greeted  Christopher, made tea and got dressed. Today is the day we had planned to build a roof over the patio in front of the banana hut and I was excited. I sat on the couch and wrote my blog, filling in the time until Christopher finished his chores and was ready to start on our project. 

When it was time, we got started. Sarah got up shortly after, probably because we were making a bunch of noise outside the banana hut. She hung around watching me did post holes for a little while before packing up and heading home. I sent her home with a bunch of frozen raspberries. (Just thinking about those raspberries right now makes me want to make some into a sorbet….yum, yum. Ok, back to the story.)

Christopher realized we needed more lumber. So off I went to town with Little Bit. I stopped at the grocery store, then the farmers market, then I made it to the lumber store. I got everything we needed and headed home. Christopher had made a lot of progress while I was gone. He didn’t think we would get it finished in one day but I was sure we would. We worked on it all day until 4 p.m. with a few breaks here and there. I mostly did laundry on my breaks, which needed to be caught up on. For my lunch break I had some of Sarah’s raw green bean casserole that she had left for us, it is so delicious. The work on the roof was intense at times and physically challenging and I loved every minute of it. I enjoy doing projects like this as a team. Christopher looked so tough and manly with his tools, sawing wood and climbing around. The most awesome part though is that we finished it! It still needs a few more tweaks here and there but it is up and functioning. It looks great and I have all sorts of ideas on how to decorate it. 

Satisfied with a job well done we sat on a bench and enjoyed our handiwork. Angel was staying another night at her sisters so we had the night to ourselves. I started a bath and had a small amount of peanut butter mixed with homemade strawberry jelly for supper. Christopher and I gazed admirably at our creation while I waited for the bath to fill up. The bath was heavenly. I soaked my well used muscles. I stretched and then fully relaxed my body. It felt wonderful. When I got out of the bath I was tired and ready for bed. I went in the banana hut, straightened up and did 100 rebounder jumps. Christopher came in, we talked for a while and cuddled. Then we said our good nights and I went right to sleep. 

I am grateful for friends. 

I am grateful for yummy food. 

I am grateful for board games. 

I am grateful for books. 

I am grateful for gulleys. 

I am grateful for sleepovers. 

I am grateful for a covered porch. 

I am grateful for Christopher. 

I am grateful for power tools. 

I am grateful for shovels. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 



Ate some more

Played the game

Went to bed 

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