Restful Thanksgiving

November 23, 2023

I woke up at 5 a.m. I did a full body relaxation and fell asleep again around 7 a.m.  It was luxurious having a morning nap. I woke up a little after 9 a.m. Christopher had just left to pick up his son B for Thanksgiving. Angel hadn’t eaten her breakfast and said she wasn’t feeling very good. I checked her and she felt a little bit hot. I had her lay down in the banana hut and watch some movies on her DVD player. She liked that since she rarely gets to watch movies. I did some chores and jumped on the rebounder 100 times. Then I started watching a Christmas movie called Klaus with Angel. She fell asleep shortly into the movie and I was glad to turn it off. It didn’t seem to be a very nice movie. 

Christopher came home with his son B. I told him about Angel and he said he’d noticed she wasn’t feeling well. Angel woke up and I took her temperature. It was 103 degrees Fahrenheit. I decided to stay home with Angel while Christopher and B when to my mother-in-laws for Thanksgiving. Angel watched another movie and fell asleep again. I spent a couple of hours on the phone calling family and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. Christopher and B got back from Thanksgiving. B laid on the couch and took a nap. I went in the banana hut and took a nap myself. When I woke, Angel was up and seemed to be feeling better. I took the dogs on a walk in the woods and thoroughly enjoyed the cool weather and the fall colors. 

B was still sleeping on the couch when I got back from our walk. Angel was running around playing. Her fever was completely gone and she was full of energy again. She took a bath and I took one after her. It was lovely soaking in the hot water, enjoying the evening sounds and looking at the trees. It’s heavenly having a bath in the woods almost everyday. We have a propane powered on demand hot water heater and it gets the water nice and hot. It’s like a having a hot springs, which was why I thought up the idea. I loved going to the natural hot springs in Idaho when I lived there. The closest hot springs to me in Texas is 6 hours away. So I made my own. 

When B woke up, he joined Christopher and I in playing a new board game I bought called Trekking National Parks. It was the first time any of us had played it. Once we figured it out we had fun learning the different strategies of the game. Christopher won the game and we all got ready for bed. Angel slept with me in the banana hut on the trundle bed and B slept on the couch. I turned on The Boxcar Children for Angel to listen to and we fell asleep around 9 p.m. 

I am grateful for rest. 

I am grateful for family. 

I am grateful for Thanksgiving. 

I am grateful for quick healing. 

I am grateful for board games. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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