Deep Cleaning, Walk in the Woods and Books

November 13, 2023

I woke up in the night and wrote my blog. I woke up again at 6 am. I did a full body relaxation session and prayed my thanksgivings and gratitudes. Angel woke up and we said our good mornings while I stripped the blankets and sheets off of my bed and put clean ones on. Angel got up and made her bed and did a really good job. I made my tea and we did school together, while we waited for her breakfast to be ready. 

My first cleaning job was a deep clean for a regular client. I thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom, it was a job well done. At my 2nd job, I was in the deep clean mood and got behind, over and under things more thoroughly than usual. When I finished up I headed home, on the drive I talked on the hands-free phone to a good friend who lives in Portland, Oregon. We had a really good talk and I’m glad she is doing good. 

The dogs were ready for a walk when I arrived home. I started a bath and greeted Christopher. Then went on a walk with Angel and the dogs. In the gulley, Angel wanted to climb around the edge. I enjoyed watching her and cheering her on. She is very strong and coordinated. She got herself plenty dirty so thankfully the bath was ready when we arrived home. We took a long bath and had a good talk about what she learned at school that day. She said she wanted me to see some of her schoolwork and showed it to me after we got out of the bath. While we were looking at it I started her doing one of her workbooks with me and she worked on it until supper was ready. 

We all shared what we were grateful for during supper. I did the dishes and we all met in the banana hut for family time. I read the last chapter out of Hank the Cowdog book 3 and the first chapter out of Hank the Cowdog book 4. I was having fun doing different voices for the different characters, I thought I was pretty good at it. Next, I read 1/2 of a really long chapter out of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It was early but I was ready for bed. We said our good nights and I was all snuggled in bed when I received a text from a friend saying she had been given 54 lbs. of organic blackberries and asked if I wanted some. Yes, was my reply. She said to come come get some. I thought about getting out of my cozy bed and going over there but instead we made plans for me to stop by to get some tomorrow. Yay! I turned off the light, Angel and I fell asleep around 8 pm listening to The Boxcar Children on audio.  

I am grateful for clean sheets.

I am grateful for walks.

I am grateful for friends. 

I am grateful for Christopher. 

I am grateful for homeschooling. 

I am grateful for good work. 

I am grateful for books. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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