Honey Mushrooms, Moon River Coffee Love and Schooling

November 14, 2023

Woke up at 5:45 am. Immediately, I did a full body relaxation session and said my prayers of thanksgiving and gratitudes. It makes such a positive difference in my life when I wake up focused on what I am grateful for. Gently I woke up Angel and went into the kitchen to make tea. Christopher was up getting ready for work. We said our good mornings. Angel ate breakfast and we got ready to go to work. Angel was going to work with me today since  Christopher had work. 

We listened to Boxcar Children on the drive to town and I arrived at work right on time. In my clients yard were some huge mushroom clusters that I identified as honey mushrooms. I looked them up and they are edible if cooked but I wasn’t willing to harvest them and try them out with out a mushroom expert to confirm my findings. Angel did schoolwork while I cleaned. She worked on phonics, which we have been focused on to get her reading fluently. The work is paying off and her reading is improving daily. It’s been fun to watch. My thoughts were happy and light while I worked and I thoroughly enjoyed making my clients house sparkling clean. 

At my next job, Angel finished her schooling and listened to Boxcar Children. I also enjoyed listening to the mystery story. Angel and I had fun interjecting our solutions to the mystery and at the end of the book we found out we both guessed wrong. My last job of the day was cleaning a church. I delight in my church jobs, their smell, their peaceful energy, their beauty, a place to meditate and pray. It’s an honor to keep this space clean and beautiful. Angel played in the nursery and built a really neat cart with some mechanical engineering toys. I expect she might be an engineer some day. It comes naturally for her. 

On our way out of town I stopped to get a tea. Every time I walk in the door at Moon River Coffee, I am filled with warmth seeing my amazing friends that work there. It’s always an uplifting experience. While I waited for my tea, we had some great conversations. The highlight was when another friend came in with a blessing prayer he had brought to the city council the day before, he asked the council to read the prayer in unison before they started their meeting. He shared how reading the prayer had changed the energy and set a positive tone for the meeting. It was a beautiful story and we all read the prayer out loud together. I was filled with gratitude to have such amazing people in my life and to have such amazing experiences in an amazing place to gather. To top off the experience my tea was paid for by a friend who paid it forward. 🤗

I left Moon River Coffee basking in gratitude and drove to my friends to get some blackberries. She was given 54 lbs of organic blackberries and she was sharing some with me. What a wonderful gift. Angel watched Veggie Tales with my friends youngest son while we talked. We had a good talk and we are going to get together later this week or early next week to juice blackberries. Yummy! I can taste the delicious juice just thinking about it. 

I drove the back roads home and enjoyed the scenery. I arrived home just as Christopher was leaving to spend the evening with his friends. We greeted each other and he drove off. Angel played outside while I did a life coaching session with a new client. The session went great. I felt energized when it was over. I started a bath in the outdoor bathtub and went for a walk in the woods with Angel and the dogs. Angel wanted to climb along the edge of the gulley again and I had fun watching her. We arrived home when the bath almost full. The water was a perfect temperature. I enjoyed soaking in the warm water while Angel played with her toys and talked. 

We finished bathing and got ready for bed, Angel ate and we did one of her phonics workbooks together. She finished the entire workbook and to celebrate we watched an episode of The Land Before Time on my phone. When it was over, we went to bed and fell asleep around 8 pm listening to Boxcar Children

I am grateful for friends. 

I am grateful for churches. 

I am grateful for coaching clients. 

I am grateful for baths. 

I am grateful for prayers. 

I am grateful for health. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you. 



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