Remembering Gratitude

October 2, 2023

I woke up at 12pm-2pm then I woke up again at 4:30am. I felt tired, really tired. I wanted to skip going to Street Ministries to feed the homeless breakfast. I wanted to skip work. I thought maybe my tummy was not feeling that well. Maybe that’s why I had been so tired the last couple of days, I was sick. I pushed those thoughts away and got up and moving. I did my morning routine and headed out. At Street Ministries I cleaned up a little and sat in a chair and dozed off wishing I was in my bed, until I heard someone come in. It was a guy I hadn’t met before named Fred. I asked if he wanted breakfast. He said yes and some coffee. I told him I forgot to start the coffee but would get it going. He said he would do it. So I started making breakfast. He talked and talked while I cooked. Then I sat with him while he ate. He talked and talked in between bites. I didn’t understand most of what he said but he was glad to have someone listen. 

When it was time to leave for work, I told Fred we needed to lock up and asked if he needed anything else. He said he was good. I locked up and headed to my first job. I listened to a talk by Barbara O’Neil about law while I worked and I got a whole lot out of it. During my 2nd cleaning job I listened to The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. This made a huge shift in my thought process and brought my focus onto gratitude. I realized I had been thinking tired thoughts, that’s why I was so tired. I had been thinking about how much work I had to do this week with only one day off. I had been thinking about how I wanted to stay home and raise Angel and not have to work. I had been thinking about lots of things but I’d lost focus of gratitude. As soon and I started feeling grateful for my work, my health, my breath, my home, my life…all of a sudden I wasn’t tired anymore. 

At my 3rd cleaning job, I talked with my clients some while I cleaned and enjoyed our conversations. Next I had a coaching client and the session went very well. At my 4th cleaning job I continued to listen to The Magic. It’s such a great book. After I finished my last job, I drove home listening to The Magic on the drive.

When I arrived home, I greeted Christopher and Angel, I asked about their day and how Angels schooling went. Christopher had made me a bath and it was a perfect temperature. I bathed and relaxed feeling grateful for my husband taking care of me. When I got out of the bath, supper was ready. I had a salad with lemon tahini dressing. We all shared what we were grateful for while we ate.

After supper I drove to play practice, which went good. Bits came along and played fetch when I wasn’t doing my scenes. I was winding down for the night and had to muster up energy to give my character animation. I was glad when it was time to go home. I listened to some more of The Magic on the drive home. When I arrived I made some tea, told everyone good night and went straight to bed. I wrote my blog and fell asleep at 10pm. 

I am grateful to have experienced another wonderful day and I look forward to tomorrow. 

Thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I dearly appreciate you! 



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