A Gift of Tomatoes 🍅

I woke up at 12am. I went to the banana hut and read. I fell asleep again around 2am. I listened to an audio book “The Splender” by Marie S. Watts while I slept. I woke again at 5:38am and laid in bed awhile slowly waking up. I started a bath in the outside bathtub and went into the house. I gave Christopher a good morning hug and I blended up half of a watermelon, it made about 92oz. of juice. I put it in jars and packed it in the cooler for work. Then I went out and got in the bath. The hot water heater had run out of propane while the bath was filling, so the water felt lukewarm. Regardless, I enjoyed my lukewarm bath while I wrote my blog and watched the sun come up. 
After my bath, I went in the house, Angel and I did yoga and stretching for 20 minutes. When we finished, I drank 32oz. of fresh squeezed OJ while I did morning chores, hanging laundry on the line, giving the chickens the watermelon peels, getting Angel ready to go. Then I went to the banana hut and finished writing my blog until it was time to leave for work. 
I took the backroads to my job. Angel and I talked on the drive. It was a beautiful drive through the country. I enjoy opportunities to drive slower, I like looking around at the land and farms and animals. 
My first job went good. I talked to my client a while and got her house sparkling clean. When I left she gave me a whole bunch of Roma tomatoes from their garden. I was super happy to receive such an amazing gift. I told her I would can them and she asked if I would bring her a few canned tomatoes next time. “Yes! I sure will!” I told her. I took the backroads to my second job. I drank my watermelon smoothie and listened to my audiobook while I cleaned. Angel swam in their pool and played with their dogs. On the way home from that job I stopped and picked up my friend Renaté. We went to my house and dropped off Angel to stay with Christopher and I made me a 64oz. frozen banana, coconut water and cinnamon smoothie to take with me. 
Then Renaté and I headed to the honey store and H‑E‑B for groceries. We talked on the hour long drive and I sipped at my delicious smoothie. I was so happy to have such yummy food to eat. At the stores we had fun shopping. I stocked up on a whole lot of produce. The drive back went good. I dropped Renaté and her groceries off and her house and was feeling a little bit tired when I got home. 
I arrived home at supper time. Christopher helped me bring in and put away the groceries. I took a quick shower and made myself a big salad with lemon tahini dressing for my supper. After we ate and said our gratitudes we brushed our teeth and swept the floor. I read 4 stories to Angel (her new library books) and sent her off to bed. Christopher and I went over to the banana hut and talked for an hour or so. Then we came in the house, had some coconut yogurt and went to bed. 
It was another wonderful day. I am grateful. 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
Love and light,

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