Yesterday’s day: Gardening, Swimming and a Headache

I woke up at 2am, went into the banana hut, read and wrote my blog. I went back to sleep at 4am. I awoke again at 7:30am. I had slept so good. I felt refreshed. I went to the house, made herbal tea and made up a 64oz. water with fresh lemon juice. I drank a harmless harvest coconut water as well as some lemon water, then went out to work in the garden. I wanted to get out there before the soil got too hot to stand on. 
I weeded the garden for hours, from 8:30am until noon. I listened to an audiobook called “Jehovah” from my favorite YouTube channel “Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages”. I love being in the garden. It’s my art, my masterpiece. Angel helped me some and played in the yard. At noon I went in the house and drank the rest of my 64oz. lemon water. Then I blended up half of a huge watermelon which made up a gallon. I drank half of it while talking with Christopher. 
I went back out in the garden at around 1pm. to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers. I had turned on the sprinkler earlier in the day and it kept the soil cooler, so I weeded some more while I harvested. I harvested a whole lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. Yay! I love eating my own grown food, making juice with it and I will can more salsa and stewed tomatoes next week. 
When I finished in the garden, I fed and watered the chickens. They are so cute. Then Angel and I rode the 4 wheeler to the pond “swim tank”. I love that pond. It is fed with a cold spring and the water feels so good. It sits in clay so is colored brown but that makes it even better, a clay bath with fresh spring water. Heaven! I enjoy floating on my back in the middle of the pond, watching the sky, feeling the water on my body and slight breeze brush over my face. Angel and I swam for a couple of hours. Then went over to our friends Marc and Renaté for a little while. 
We arrived back home around 5pm. Christopher had supper almost ready. I made another 64oz. water with fresh lemon juice and drank some before eating. We had quinoa and mixed green salad. It was yummy! After we finished eating we all rode out to the wood shack. We talked with Christopher’s cousin Charlie out there for a while. Which I found unpleasant, if I am present in consciousness and love when interacting with Charlie then it is a good experience for both of us. Last night I had a headache come on from so many hours in the sun and was frustrated with Charlie. Marc and Renaté arrived. We all talked for a while then Angel and I went in a ride with Marc and Renaté in the woods in their “mule”. My headache got worse and I focused on my breath to ease my suffering. When we got back to the wood shack, I said goodbye to everyone and immediately drove home. At home I took a shower, at some granola with coconut yogurt, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Christopher and Angel were back from the wood shack. Christopher gave me a big hug,  I read Angel stories and Christopher tucked me in. I was so grateful to be pampered by Christopher. I read for a little while talked to Savana’s dad on the phone and fell asleep. 
It was a wonderful day. I am grateful. 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
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Love and blessings,

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