Weekend Events: moving Savana and resting

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am. I went in the banana hut to read and fell back to sleep at 6am and slept until 7:30am. I went into the house, made herbal tea and my freshly juiced V8. Then I blended up half a watermelon to take with me to work. Christopher went with me to work but we took separate vehicles. We cleaned our first office building then Christopher went to drop off old tires and the county old tire recycle drop off. It’s been a few years since the county has had one of these going on. I went to clean a church. Christopher called and said the line had 150 or more vehicles in front of him and he would be awhile. I finished the church and started on our last office building. I was about halfway done when Christopher arrived. We finished up and went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. I ordered vegetable tacos with rice and beans on the side. I rarely eat out and t body is not used to low quality food so my lunch did not sit well on my stomach. After lunch I went to meet Peggy to get Angel back from her visit and Christopher went to help my daughter Savana start moving out of her apartment. Someone broke in to her apartment a few weeks ago and tried to rape her. Thankfully she fought him off of her and is moving out. She won’t go there alone and was waiting for Christopher to get there before she did. I got Angel and did a little bit of grocery shopping. Then went to Savana’s to help out. We packed and moved her stuff into storage until 4pm. We were all really tired. We drove home and had homemade granola with coconut yogurt for supper. We were too tired to prepare anything else. My mom called and I talked to her for an hour or so. Then we showered, brushed our teeth and went to bed early. Sunday morning I woke up at 2am. I went in the banana hut to read and meditate. I fell back asleep at 5am and woke up again at 8:30am. I was sore, sore from helping Savana move. Christopher was sore too. I made herbal tea and drank my watermelon smoothie I had made the day before and didn’t drink. I did small chores around the house and yard throughout the day but mostly I rested. I ate a big bag of cherries, a 64oz mango/fresh OJ and spinach smoothie for brunch and lunch. I called my sister, my son Scott and Savana and spent my afternoon on the phone. Then I took an hour long nap until supper time. For supper Christopher made homemade vegetable pizza. His mom Ann came over for supper and we sat outside and talked for a couple of hours. After Ann left, we showered and tucked Angel into bed. Then we hung out in the banana hut and talked for a while. I was still really tired. We went back in the house, ate homemade granola with coconut yogurt, brushed our teeth and went to bed. 
It was a wonderful weekend. I am grateful. 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
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Love and blessings,Victoria 

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