Yesterday’s Day: Playing In The Woods

Yesterday’s day

I woke up at 1:47am. I went to the banana hut, wrote my blog, meditated and read. I fell back asleep at 5am and woke up again at 8:30am. I really slept in! I went into the house, said good morning to Christopher. Then I made herbal tea and my V8 juice from garden produce. I left for work which is nearby today,  3 miles down the road. I had a wonderful time at work. I listened to a great audiobook on YouTube called “How to Enter the Silence” While I was working a young lady that is house sitting for my clients arrived and I talked with her awhile when I finished up. I enjoyed getting to know her. 
When I arrived home. I talked and played with Christopher awhile. Then I sat in the sun and ate cherries and a cantaloupe. I felt super hydrated and energized from yummy fruit. I went in the garden and weeded for a couple of hours. Christopher sat and watched and talked with me while I played in the dirt. I got a big section weeded and it looks nice. 
We made a supper of steamed rice and garden vegetables. It was really yummy. Then we rode out to the wood shack. I rode the 4 wheeler and Christopher rode his motorcycle. No one was there when we arrived, so we walked out in the woods for a while. Marcus and Renaté showed up shortly after we got back. Then Charlie showed up a little while later. I had fun talking to everyone. I practiced being fully present, accepting everyone as they are, breathing in and out, noticing their breathing in and out and grateful to connect with other human beings. 
All of us, except Charlie, decided to ride around in the woods in Marcus’s Cadillac of a “mule”. We rode all over in the woods, it was great fun. When we got back to the wood shack, our friend JW was there talking with Charlie. I visited with him a little while, then I was tired and ready to go home. Christopher packed up and we headed home. I haven’t been out in the woods at night for a while and I enjoyed riding home after dark. The forest looks so different at night. 
When we arrived at home. We showered, at homemade granola with coconut yogurt, brushed our teeth and went to bed. Christopher read to me from his book until I fell asleep. 
It was a wonderful day. I am grateful. 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
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Love and blessings, Victoria

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