Yesterday’s Day: A Day of Play

Yesterday’s day

I woke up at 4am. I went into the banana hut where I read and meditated for a couple of hours. I went back into the house at 6am. I made my herbal tea and my morning V8 juice. I sat outside in the middle of all my new tiki torches to keep mosquitoes away and read for a while. Christopher came out and talked with me for a few minutes before going to work. After Christopher left my friend Renaté message me asking what I was doing. She lives on the other side of the highway so I decided to ride over with Angel and bring their “mule” that Christopher fixed back. We took Remy our dog with us. At Renaté’s, Angel played with the toys while Renaté and I talked. I enjoyed listening to Renaté share her experiences with me. This was Remy’s 🐕 first time of going to visit someone else’s house. Their dogs weren’t sure about Remy. One wouldn’t leave her alone so he was put in the fish house. Another one of their dogs kept snapping at Remy and was put in the house. So one dog was left to play with Remy and they had fun together. Renaté said to keep the”mule” a few more days so after we finished talking I drove it back home with Angel and Remy. At home I made me a mango and fresh OJ smoothie. Then I made homemade bread and tortillas. I was almost finished and excited to get outside in the garden. It was a beautiful sunny day. My daughter Savana came over from the RV and I made her breakfast. Then I made Angel lunch. Christopher came home from work and I sat and talked with him for a while. The outdoors still was calling my name. So off I went to the garden. I weeded the little garden for a couple of hours until it was completely finished. Then I sat with Christopher and looked at our beautiful yard and garden, listened to the birds and watched Angel play in the pool. When Angel got out of the pool, she took a nice warm bath. Christopher made supper (another baked dish using food from the garden, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, carrots and green beans). While supper was cooking I took a shower, then Christopher took his shower. We all ate supper, read Angel stories and brushed our teeth. Angel went to bed. Christopher and I went to the banana hut and talked while giving each other foot massages. Then we came back in the house and ate some homemade granola with coconut yogurt. I fell asleep with Christopher reading his book to me. 
It was a wonderful day! 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
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Love and blessings, Victoria

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