Yesterday’s Day: Kind and Accepting

Yesterday’s Day

I woke up at 3am. I went into the banana hut to read and meditate for a couple of hours. I fell back asleep at 5am for an hour. Then I went back in the house. I made some herbal tea and juiced carrots, cucumber, zucchini, celery and an apple for my morning V8. When I finished cleaning up, I sat and talked to Christopher until he left for work. I made a 64 oz. banana, raspberry, grape juice and apple juice smoothie, put Angel in the car and drove to town. We went shopping and bought a bunch of household and yard items. Tiki torches with oil, canning lids, sheet straps, clothesline and clothes pins, torch lighters and diatomaceous earth. I finished shopping in perfect timing for work. I talked a little while with my client. I have the best clients! Then I worked for a couple hours cleaning. I drank my smoothie and Angel watched “Super Why” while I cleaned. After work we went home. At home I set up the tiki torches and reorganized the yard furniture and outside toy area. Angel swam in the pool. Christopher got home from work and was feeling some heat exhaustion. I felt frustrated with him because I had the thought that “he isn’t staying hydrated enough and he is going to make himself sick and then he won’t be able to work on the house”. As soon as I felt frustration from thinking that thought, I immediately stayed present with what I was feeling. “I feel frustrated. Why? I was projecting into the future. I was making a decree about the future of a situation that I didn’t want to happen.  What do I truly want? I desire for the house to be finished. I desire for Christopher to be healthy. Can I be kind and accepting of Christopher even if he makes choices that I view as not ideal? Yes. Can I be kind and accepting of Christopher even if he makes choices that make him sick? Yes. Can I be kind and accepting of myself when I make less than ideal choices? Yes. Through the Holy Spirit I step into my sovereignty. I choose love and understanding. I choose to stay present. I choose ease. I am light. I am love.”Christopher, Angel and I sat outside and talked for a couple of hours. Angel and I ate yummy watermelon. Then Christopher left to spend time with his cousin Charlie out at “the shack” in the woods. Angel and I rode the “mule” down the county road. We saw Christopher’s cousin Lauren working on a project and talked with her a while. Then we rode out in the woods for a while. We stopped briefly and said hi to Christopher and Charlie at the shack. When we got home I made quinoa and vegetables for supper. We ate and watched on the laptop one of Angel’s learning to read movies and then watched one episode of Northern Exposure. Then Angel played outside and I called my son Shawn to say happy birthday to my grandson Sam who turned 2 years old today. Then I called my sister. It was fun and we had great conversations. Angel went to bed and I read for a while. Christopher came home. We talked for a while and went to bed. It was a wonderful day. I am grateful. 
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. 
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Love and blessings,Victoria 

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