My Heart Expands

January 16, 2021


• I remember the love I am.

• I am the power of the heart of God.

• I am love knowing itself.

• My heart is my doorway to full awareness.

• I am limitlessly free.

• I am awake to the whole of myself.

• I am awake to the truth of my heart.

• My awakening is my full heart immersion.

• I rush into the center of the hurricane of life.

• My heart expands.

• I give the love I am.

• I am dynamic.

• I allow myself to become the fully conscious heart of God.

•I experience the ray of love I am.

• I know myself.

• I am conscious of all that I am.

• I choose to let life have me.

• I trust love.

• I trust my heart.

• I give myself to the whirlwind of loves awakening.

• I am the explosion of love.

• I am dynamic movement.

• I am fully alive in my whole self.

So be it!


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