Love Fills Me Up


  • I celebrate my life. 
  • I find the beauty right now in this moment. 
  • Love transforms my every misperception into light. 
  • I am the heart of God. 
  • I live in gratitude 
  • The law of love is giving. 
  • I live ecstatically through my heart. 
  • I give forth love. 
  • I surrender to the power of love. 
  • I am the DNA of God. 
  • I trust the resonance of love. 
  • I am a limitless being of glory and light. 
  • I step into the flow of my open heart. 
  • I am life. 
  • Love fill me up. 
  • I am dancing atoms of living love. 
  • I become an open heart and allow love to live me. 
  • I everything and everyone limitlessly. 
  • I love the world free. 
  • I love all things I find difficult. 
  • I am a magnetic power of pure love. 
  • I am merged with the song of God. 
  • I am embraced by my heart. 
  • I am perfect. 
  • I am cherished. 
  • I am celebrated. 
  • I love every aspect of my being-ness. 
  • Love given through the heart answers every question. 
  • I remember all that I am. 

So be it. Amen

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