Love Moves Me

Morning meditation notes:


– I am completely open.

– I am in love with all I encounter.

– Love moves me.

– I shift to my heart.

– I expand in wonder.

– My heart know only love and nothing else.

– My heart sees everything on an intimate level.

– I remember who I am.

– I allow love to live me.

– I am love increasing.

– I am perfectly fulfilled.

– I am ever present in the eternal now.

– Love lives me now.

– I am aware of my light of love.

– Love is my every breath.

– I am perfect love. I awaken to the remembrance of the ocean of love that I am.

– I surrender to my heart.

– Love welcomes me as a new creation.

– Every thought is a radiant light of love.

– I am home in love.

– Giving of love shifts me to my heart.

– I swim in the divine ocean of grace. – I am uniquely part of this love I am.

– Love lifts me up and moves me.

– My heart shows me the way.

So be it. Amen

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