I See Only Love

January 17, 2021 Morning meditation notes:


  • I am one with God, for God dwells within me. 
  • The nature of my heart is only love. 
  • I am a living Christ. 
  • I forgive myself and return to love. 
  • Only love exists, all else is an illusion. 
  • I am Christ the perfection of love. 
  • I see only love. 
  • I live that which I know is truth. 
  • I am willing to look in the face of “evil” and see only love. 
  • I go forth as perfect love. 
  • God is all there is, God is love. 
  • I acknowledge God within. 
  • I call forth God within. 
  • I am only love. 

So be it!Amen

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