Loving My Crankiness: yesterday’s day, what I ate and morning meditation notes: Expression of Love ❤️.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I woke up at 6pm. I slept deeply and had fun dreams. I went into the banana hut and wrote my blog and meditated until 9am. I went in the house and drank 48oz. of green juice. While talking to Christopher and Angel. I made a 64oz. banana, raspberry, fresh OJ smoothie and put it in the fridge for later. Then I made flax cracker mix and put it in the dehydrator on teflex sheets.  I took a long bath in the outdoor bathtub. It was fun having the melting snow dripping on me while soaking in the hot water and drinking ginger tea. After my bath I came in the house, hung up laundry and drank my banana smoothie. I felt extra hungry today. So I also ate some raw coleslaw that I made yesterday. It didn’t turn out very good but I ate it anyway, along with some flax crackers. For some reason I was feeling really cranky. I was snappy and irritated with Christopher and Angel. I kept reminding myself to love my crankiness and feel the love that I am. Then I was feeling irritated with myself. Oh brother! I went in the banana hut to spend some time in self reflection and to get centered on loving my feelings. I put on an inspirational audiobook to get me started and fell asleep. I slept for 2 hours. When I woke up I felt much better. I went back into the house and ate a few flax crackers. I started Angels bath and went on a walk in the woods. When I returned I took a shower. Angel got out of the bath and I read her stories. Then I had cauliflower (from the garden), tomato and onion soup for supper along with mixed greens with a tahini lemon dressing. During supper we talked and shared our gratitudes. After supper we brushed our teeth and put Angel to bed. Then Christopher and I went to the banana hut and watched a cute movie about Dolly Parton called “Coat of Many Colors”. When it was over, we talked for a bit. Then came back in the house and went to bed. Angel was still awake and gave us 5 kisses and 5 hugs. I wrote my blog and read. I went to sleep around 9:30pm. 
Morning meditation notes: 


  • I am fully alive.
  • I am fully aware.
  • I am light.
  • I am conscious.
  • I am an expression of love.
  • Love is the truth of who I am.
  • I feel the power of the love I am and I give my life to it.
  • I trust love.
  • All of creation is rejoicing in my success as a creative power of love.
  • I burst forth and dance the dance of life.
  • I communicate with every expression of love.
  • I view the world through my heart.
  • My heart sees the truth of oneness.
  • I feel the great tenderness of giving.
  • I am cherished.
  • I connect my heart with all hearts.
  • I am the spark of life.
  • I remember the truth of my love.
  • I am wrapped in beauty and light.
  • I turn away from the illusion of separation and return to love.
  • I am on fire with love.
  • I rejoice in love.
  • I am a limitless and multilayered being of light and love.

So be it! Amen
Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life. I appreciate you!Love,Victoria

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