Blissed Out With Bees: my day, what I ate and morning meditation notes.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I woke up at 5am. I wen to the “banana hut”, wrote my blog and meditated until 7am. I then went back in the house and made my breakfast and lunch smoothies. 64oz. blended watermelon and 64oz. banana, strawberry and fresh OJ. I sat at the table for a few minutes drinking ginger tea while I talked with Christopher and Angel. Then I started making homemade bread and raw crackers with Angels help. The raw crackers were juice pulp from carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery with almond pulp from making almond milk and flax meal. I set the bread by the wood stove to rise and put the crackers in the dehydrator. I drank my watermelon smoothie throughout the morning whole doing food prep. 
I then went to find a shovel to dig a hole to compost our citrus peels. We decided to separate the citrus compost from our other compost since it takes so much longer to decompose. While looking for the shovel I decided to rearrange the waters fountain set up. I had great fun doing that and then I remembered to keep looking for the shovel. Which I found promptly in the place where it belongs. I then dug a big compost hole with Angels help. I enjoy digging.  
I drank some of my banana smoothie, set the bread up for its second rise, then went to see what food I could harvest from the garden. There were some peas ready and I ate those as I picked them. Then I noticed all the bees flying around the romaine lettuce flowers that I am letting go to seed. I blissed out taking pictures and watching the bees for a long time. It was a beautiful sunny cool but not cold day. 
I felt so warm in the sun that I decided that sunbathing nude was doable. I put the bread in the oven. Then I finished my banana smoothie while basking naked in the warm sun until my friend Sarah arrived. I quickly got dressed and met her on the driveway as she was driving in. We had a great visit. We harvested loblolly pine needles for Sarah to take home for making tea. We also harvested cedar berries for Sarah to eat to help with her cedar allergies. Doing all of that made us hungry so we ate some durian with Angel and Christopher. It was a good one, so yummy and satisfying. 
Sarah reminded me that I had said I would show her how to make bread. So we made another batch. My first batch turned out good even though the loaves were small (Christopher did the taste test). We talked while waiting for the bread to rise and bake. We only did one rise due to it getting late but it still turned out good. We said our goodbyes and Sarah headed home. 
Angel and I took a bath together and then we had supper. My supper was the leftover gazpacho from yesterday and a big salad with mixed greens and a raw tahini with lemon juice dressing. I read stories to Angel during supper and we all shared our gratitudes. After supper we cleaned up, brushed our teeth and tucked Angel into bed. Christopher and I talked and watched a DVD about a long distance bicycle race called “Inspire to Ride”. It was a fun movie. We went to bed and read. I fell asleep around 9:30pm. 
Morning meditation notes:  LOVE IS ALL

  • Each life is a blessing.
  • We all love, I am.
  • We are all one.
  • I am fluid.
  • I am expansive.
  • I am only love.
  • I am aware of my thoughts.
  • I am open.
  • I am conscious.
  • I am lifted into my truth.
  • I clearly hear my hearts truth.
  • I float in the golden light of love.
  • I am a vast and powerful creator.
  • I am beauty.
  • I focus on my heart in all situations.
  • I rise in love.
  • I rise in joy.
  • Love is all and all is love.
  • The whole of love is alive in the world.

Thank y’all for reading my blog. I appreciate you!Love, Victoria

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