What I Ate, Running Late and Meditation Notes “ Life is a Dance of Loving”.

Dear Diary and Friends,

I woke up at 3am. I got up and went to the “banana hut”. I wrote my blog and meditated. Since I got up so early and had extra time I spend 3 hours writing and meditating. I was blissed out by the time I went back into the house. 

Angel and Christopher were up. I kissed them good morning and made my food to take to work. I juice enough oranges to fill up a 64oz. jar, then I made a 64oz. blended watermelon and lime juice smoothie and a 64oz. banana, strawberry, spinach and fresh OJ smoothie. I packed up my smoothies and put them in the car.  I then helped Angel finish cleaning her room, hung clothes on the line and had a few minutes to sit down and drink some ginger tea before heading to work. I called my 8am client and told them I would be a half hour late in order to get new tires put on the car. I knew she would be fine with that and she was. Then I kissed my family goodbye and was off to work. 

On the drive to work I listened to my current favorite YouTube “Giving Wisdom to the Voices of the Ages”. Since I had the spare donut tire on my car, I chose to not go 70mph on the highway to town and drove slower, letting cars that came up behind me pass by. I also drank 1/2 of my watermelon smoothie on the drive. 

When I arrived in town I went to the tire store to get new tires put on. The guy who does the tires was late and has not arrived yet. At first I felt irritated about that. Now I would be even later to work! I took a deep breath, sent my feeling of irritation love and let it be. It only took a few seconds for that feeling to transform into joy. Now I had a chance to sit and talk with the man in the office. I love people and enjoy talking with them, so I did just that. We had a great conversation and he seemed to enjoy the opportunity to tell me about his life. 10 minutes later the tire guy arrives and 10 minutes after that my new tires were on. Yay. 

I made it to work and enjoyed talking with my clients for a few minutes before cleaning their house. I tried hurrying a little bit to make up time but I take pride in my work and found that I could not do as thorough of job when I was hurrying. I would just be late for my next job and I trusted that it would all work out. When I finished, I said my goodbyes and headed to the next job, drinking the other half of my watermelon smoothie on the way. 

At my next job they had left to be out of the house while I was cleaning and would be arriving back at noon. I knew I would not be finished before they arrived home, so I cleaned the common areas first. Which worked out great. When they arrived, they were appreciative of my efforts and I finished up feeling happy about the work I had done that day. 

I headed home listening to my favorite YouTube channel and drinking 1/2 of my banana smoothie on the drive. At home, I said hello to Christopher and Angel. Christopher was working on the house putting the roof on the addition. Angel was playing outside. I went into the banana hut to take a little nap and I saw that Angel had made a huge mess with her crafts. Angel came in as I was cleaning it up. We had a talk about being responsible and putting things away when finished before getting something else out.  Being 5 years old she doesn’t fully understand that concept yet and we go over it often. She helped me finish cleaning up and I said that we will take a break from crafts for 3 days and then she can play with them again remembering to put things away when she was finished with them. She said she understood and started playing with her legos.  I finished my banana smoothie and took a 1/2 hour nap. 

I woke up feeling refreshed. I started Angels evening bath and she got in to play right away but cleaned up her legos first. Yay! Good job Angel. I talked with Christopher a while and then took a shower. We have an outdoor shower and bathtub. They are awesome! Angel talked to me from the bath while I showered. We had fun being silly and giggling about things. She got out when I finished and we raced to the house. Angel won. 

We dressed in our PJ’s and I made my supper of gazpacho while Christopher showered. In the gazpacho was 3 tomatoes, garlic, lime juice, cucumber, cauliflower (from the garden), 1/2 avocado and celery. Two tomatoes and the garlic were blended to make a soup. The rest was chopped fine and put in the soup base. So yummy. During supper I read Angel her stories and we shared out gratitudes. I ate 3/4 of the soup but was too full to finish it all. 

After supper we cleaned up. I hung more clothes on the line and Christopher took the dry ones from that morning down. I tucked Angel into bed. Christopher and I went to the banana hut. We talked and finished watching the John Wayne movie. I read a little before bed and went to sleep around 9pm. 

I am grateful for another day. 

Morning meditation notes: 


  • I open my heart and let love pour through. 
  • I am the heart that allows love to move through the universe. 
  • Love is my nature, my truth. 
  • What I give, I receive. 
  • What I see, I am. 
  • I see God everywhere. 
  • I am the circle of God. 
  • The majesty of the universe is my reflection. 
  • God is the love I feel. 
  • In God’s love I am free. 
  • I recognize the beauty of oneness. 
  • I commune with every heart. 
  • I am meant to love. 
  • Love is my sustenance. 
  • I continuously expand in love. 
  • In giving love I receive my real identity as the open, wondrous, limitless heart of God, I am. 
  • In love I recognize God, I am, in every person. 
  • I serve all of life with my love. 
  • I open my heart. 
  • I embrace self discovery. 
  • I am fully alive. 
  • I am in alignment. 
  • I am the power of life unfolding. 
  • Life is a dance of loving. 
  • I give myself to the whole of love. 
  • I celebrate the gift of my heart. 

So be it! 


Thank y’all for reading my blog. I appreciate you!



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