Fear is My Teacher

Morning meditation notes:

January 6, 2020

Fear is My Teacher

• I am the heart of love.
• I delight in every experience of living.
• My heart is pure exuberance.
• My heart is always open and let’s life in.
• I live my truth of love.
• My heart loves everything and everyone.
• I remember who I am.
• My heart sees through all illusions and embraces the spirit.
• I am the power of love flowing free.
• My heart is free and open.
• I am alive to the greater expression of God.
• My every breath is pure divinity.
• I live open to life.
• My heart has no barriers to love, it risks everything because it knows it is unlimited.
• I am ever expanding.
• Fear is my teacher, my ally.
• I am all this is, all of joy, all of life.
• Fear shows me when I have stepped out of the now, out of my heart, out of my true self.
• I return to my heart.
• All is present in my now moment.
• Only love is here, is real.
• I truly taste all of life.
• I am love in beautiful communion with itself.
• Love is all I experience.
• I love the clarity that fear reveals to me.
• The heart of God is who I am.
• I am an endless celebration of life.
• I meet the world with the truth of love.
• I remember the power of love.

So be it!

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