We Are All One Life

Morning meditation notes:
January 7th 2020

We Are All One Life

• I am one with everyone and everything.
• I breathe the breath of life.
• I breathe eternal light.
• I breathe eternal peace.
• I breathe eternal love.
• My burdens are light.
• My sufferings transmute into golden light.
• I remember Christ within me.
• I rest in the stillness of the great silence.
• I allow my heart to smile.
• Love illuminates the illusion of separation.
• I awaken and arise.
• I allow peace to flow through my every cell.
• I am the light of compassion.
• I am the light of understanding.
• I remember the light.
• I allow Christ’s light to grow within me.
• I am the infinite light.
• I am relaxed.
• The beating of my heart is the beating of all hearts.
• Self and others are merged into divine union.
• We are all one life.
• I breathe awake the awareness that the suffering of others is no different than my own.
• I gentle breathe out loves pure light into my brothers and sisters hearts.
• Every heart is calmly at peace.
• We are all infinite love.

So be it!

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