Pure Awakened Love

Morning meditation notes:
January 5, 2020

Pure Awakened Love

  • I choose to see the truth of God in every moment. 
  • I am a wonderful expression of love. 
  • My heart makes a conscious choice of how much light I desire to use.
  • I amplify an abundance of light.
  • I say yes to the truth of the heart.
  • I consciously begin to share the light.
  • My reality is love.
  • I live bathed in love.
  • I choose the freedom of love.
  • The world feels open and free through the eyes of love.
  • My perceptions of life are changing.
  • My old ways of dealing with “problems” are gone.
  • I am ready to step into the light and claim the truth of love effortlessly.
  • Every heart beat is the acceptance of real love.
  • Every moment is a celebration of life’s gift.
  • I say yes, yes, yes to love.
  • Love is my true nature.
  • I am pure awakened love.
  • I go forth and meet the world, light to light, love to love and yes to yes.
  • The world is awakening to the presence of real love.
  • I am a stream of light.
  • All hearts are blessed by my presence.
  • I am ready to receive the gifts of my heart.
  • I am open to the power of love.
  • I see the light.
  • I am the love that creates all that is.
  • I am released from the illusion of duality.
  • I am completely lifted up into the light of love.
  • My consciousness is bathed in the pure light of God.
  • My now moment is pure amazement.
  • I honor the giving of love and accept the gifts received.
  • God is here in me.
  • I watch pure light unfold in the garden of my spirit of joy.
  • God is with me as my every breath.
  • God is the power of my love.
  • I look into the mirror of my world and I see myself.

So be it. Amen

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