The Truth of Love

  • I am flooded with the truth of love.
  • Love is all their is.
  • I am ready to be the power of love.
  • I claim unity with all.
  • There is only on heart and it is love.
  • Love is all that is real.
  • I am alive in love.
  • I feel the reality of only love.
  • I fly free from the illusion of separation.
  • I am one with the truth.
  • I expand my reality of only love being real.
  • I move through duality into the unity of God.
  • I am love.
  • I reclaim my heart.
  • I feel my expansiveness.
  • I am in harmony with all life that I touch.
  • In my heart is the truth.
  • I am free from past and future.
  • my consciousness is flooded with joy.
  • I stand purely in the light.
  • only love has life.
  • life is the truth of the hologram of love.
  • I reclaim my ability to accept life directly.
  • I am vibrant life and I am eternal.
  • perfect life is fully present.
  • my heart is open and I am free.
  • I dive into the ocean of love.
  • I reclaim my essence.
  • we are all one glorious restoration of the truth.

    So be it! Amen

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