A day in the Mountains: a Letter to Christopher

Dear Christopher,
Good morning!
I am grateful for a day in the mountains yesterday. It’s been a while since I’ve driven on mountain roads. I found myself getting tense and nervous about driving next to a raging river or cliff going around the sharp corners. I kept pulling over to let the line of cars behind me go past. I used to take those corners much faster. Maybe it’s old age..old lady driver…haha.

The hot springs was amazing as always. I received some good mineral water energy. It is super healing.

Today is my grandpas funeral. I feel happy for my grandpa. He had been wanting to die for a while and I picture his spirit dancing with joy. He had a long life. I feel confident going to the funeral and being with my family. I am love.

Thank you for taking care of the garden. Our tomatoes look so awesome. I appreciate the pictures you sent. I love having such a wonderful garden. My heart is happy.

I look forward to seeing you again my yummy man.
Thank you for a fun phone conversation yesterday.
Thank you for being you!
I am love with you ,

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