Grandpas funeral: a Letter to Christopher.

Dear Christopher,
I am joyfully packing up to start heading home. I look forward to giving you a big squeezy hug and smelling you for a good 5 minutes.
Here are some of my I am’s for today:
I am clear.
I am wealth.
I am acceptance.
I am grace.
I am conscious.
I am kind.
I am love.
I am wise.
I am.
The funeral yesterday was so much fun. I said some I am’s on the way there to keep my mind on what’s real. It was a wonderful celebration of my grandpas life. He was quite the character.
After the funeral at the family gathering I continued to stay fully present and enjoyed saying goodbye to the farm and interacting with family. When I am present I see past the words and the drama. I see people’s hearts and am able to easily love them where they are at.

Have a great day today working on the house.
I am excited to see you in 2 days. I love you dearly beautiful Christopher.
We are love together,

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