Heading up to the Mountains. A letter to Christopher.

Dear Christopher,
Good morning my love. I am delighted to spend time in the mountains today. I woke up at 3am and was wide awake. I will pull over and take a little nap if I get tired on my mountain drive.
Nick messaged me yesterday evening wondering if I had drove the Accord to Idaho. I told him that we came in Savana’s car and left the Accord at home. I let him know I am interested in buying the Accord. It’s clear to me that is a good choice. He said we can discuss it after they get back from their Idaho trip next week. I have a good feeling about that car.

Before falling asleep last night I imagined I was cuddled up next to you smelling your wonderful neck. I love the way you smell. It’s so yummy!

I have changed on this trip. The amount of clarity I am receiving daily has shifted my reality faster than I have experienced before. My mind is on vacation mode and when I am relaxed the shifts happen faster. I clearly see in each moment of interaction with others how to keep my energy vibration high in love and acceptance. I am joyful and playful even around others caught up in misery. I understand my choice to stay connected and present raises the energy of those around me as well as the entire world. Through this energy everything has fallen into place on this trip. I am grateful.
I have confidence in myself and my choices.
The sun is coming up. I am ready to head up to the mountains. I love the mountains ❤️. I am grateful to get to experience them once again. I will bring back some mountain dirt to add to our garden. Then when we eat the fruit, we will be eating energy from the mountains. Yay!! So wonderful!!
I think of you often my beautiful Christopher. I am blessed to share my life with you.
We are love together,

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