A Letter to Christopher

Dear Christopher,
Good morning cutie pants! I slept very well last night. It is 43 degrees here this morning, 66 is the high…brrrr! đŸ˜„I am looking forward to arriving at my grandpas farm today. I plan on walking around the land and having a relaxing day there. It is good to spend time with family.
I talked to my mom last night and while we were talking I received clarity on how to communicate with her at that moment. I was able to bypass all her manipulations because I clearly saw what she needed and I went straight there. Immediately she calmed down and we had a great talk.
I am playful with practicing having clarity with my eyesight while driving. When there is a long strip of highway with hardly any other cars I take my glasses off and repeat over and over, “I see clearly, I clearly see”. I felt tingling in my eyes yesterday while doing that and I’ve noticed my eyes getting stronger.
I am enjoying consciously creating my own reality. It’s fun. I have softer shoulders too as I have been focusing on relaxing them.
It was good talking to you last night. I love you so much. I am blessed to have created such a wonderful man to share my life with.
Thank you for choosing me as well.
Thank you for your kindness.
I am love with you, Victoria

P.S. your moms trees probably need watered.

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