The Book and The Faucet.

Dear Diary and Friends,
I really enjoy Christopher’s mom Ann. We share a lot of the same interests in plants and books. A few weeks ago I rode the 4 wheeler over to her house to visit with her. We had a great talk. She really wants me to take over her vegetable garden space. I am thrilled about that! It is a great space that is fully fenced with room for fruit trees. I’ve temporarily run out of space for fruit trees at our place but I can’t seem to stop buying more. I have a fruit trees buying addiction. Haha. Part of my purpose on earth is to plant fruit trees. (I was clearly shown this in a vision about 12 years ago.) Plus I love love love fruit trees. Fully tree ripened freshly dropped fruit is full of amazing beautiful pure love energy and when I put that energy inside my body it becomes my energy and I become weightless. I really like that! Fruit makes my body purr like a cat lying in the sun. So anyway, back to Ann’s garden. I am over the top thrilled to have more space to plant fruit trees.
Ann also sent me home that day with a stack of books to read. I made a note in my mind to be sure and take good care of her books so I could return them in just as good of shape. I tend to like to read in the hot tub and bathtub but I’ve always been careful and have never dropped a book in the water. That changed when the next day I dropped one of Ann’s books in the hot tub when I was in there reading. Thankfully it wasn’t signed by the author but it did have Ann’s signature written in the front cover. So I immediately bought a new one on Amazon and planned on telling Ann about the whole ordeal when the book arrived.
A few days later the new book arrived and I rode over to Ann’s to give it to her as well as to give Christopher’s daughter Miriam the rest of her pay for helping me with a cleaning job. (Miriam is currently staying at her grandmothers while her place is getting fixed up.) Ann wasn’t there but Miriam was and I caught her just as she was heading out the door. We talked briefly and then I rode over to the garden to look it over. I was riding around the outside perimeter and wasn’t going to be able to make the last corner without the front tire bumping into the hose connected to the water faucet coming out of the ground. I put the 4 wheeler in reverse, which can be tricky with this 4 wheeler and got ready to back up. I pushed on the gas and instead of going backward, I went forward again right over the hose that pulled on the faucet and resulted in breaking the pipe clean off. Water starting pouring out. I got off the 4 wheeler and looked at the mess I had just made. I didn’t know where to turn off the water or how to fix the pipe. Thankfully Christopher was home that day. I rode home a quickly told Christopher about the situation I had created. He very calmly grabbed plumbing supplies and drove over there. I followed on the 4 wheeler. Christopher looked things over, went and turned off the water and had it all fixed within 45 minutes. Yay for Christopher! He saved the day and he never once said a word to me about my mistake.
Later that evening I mentioned to Christopher about how interesting it was that twice now, right in a row I’ve messed up his mom’s stuff, first her book and then her water pipe… but made sure both mistakes were fixed. I said there’s some crazy energy around all that and he said, “I think your just human and make mistakes”. Hahaha…truth!

Thank y’all for reading my blog and being a part of my life.
With love and gratitude,

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